RGT staff collecting your opinion on Magic Roads

It’s difficult to move communities, unless they want to move themselves. You can do it gradually over time but doing it cold turkey can elicit … more pain than it is worth.

And spreading yourself across more and more places is painful.

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Yes - there’s no simple answer. I suspect the best could be some nudging in on direction.

BTW I gather the RGT team do keep an eye on this forum and were already aware of this thread, so your input will be heard.

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People are lazy, nudging does nothing. :smiley:

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I never thought of that, that is an awesome suggestion!


I’ve realised there’s a better way than using Spectate Mode now… if you create it as a Group Ride instead, you get the rider selection arrows (used for teleporting). You can just use those instead to move to the bots:

The limitation with Spectate Mode is you can only use it for 30 minutes without pedalling.

Oh, I’ve double-checked and the max power you can specify for the bots is actually 999w (not 1000w).

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I like the idea, but isn’t it a bit…say, z****ish. Just wondering.

So, what you’re saying is that people who use/want steering are Couchlandrians??? :wink: :open_mouth:


I’ll also copy/paste what I wrote on FB here:

I tried using them once. My goal was to ride one of my regular outdoor loops indoors. I was also planning on using them for the longer weekend rides on my indoor training plan.

It didn’t work out too well. The road that was created was quite glitchy - glitchy enough to be annoying to the point of me giving up on it.

I later learned that one has to clean up the gpx file prior to uploading with some external apps, but that just sounds like more hassle than I am willing to go through for it, so now I just either string together some Suf workouts at lower intensity or use one of the “official” roads in RGT.

It would be nice if the “cleaning up” bit could be done automatically when the route is created. It doesn’t have to be perfect… but it at least has to be good enough that you don’t jump back and forth on the road while riding.

Also, I generally like to do longer rides… so doubling the length limit would be nice as well. I get that they take some space on a server somewhere, but maybe to offset that, the routes (or maybe only the long ones) could be automatically deleted after a week or two.


The frustrating thing is I’m sure most people would prefer using this forum instead of Facebook if they gave it a try. There’s so many better features on here. Facebook really isn’t fit for purpose (loads of duplicated info, comments easily missed due to how it defaults to “Top Comments” and nests the replies). Ironically, it’s the same problem RGT have got in trying to get people over from Zwift… people stay where they are just because that’s where the majority of people are!

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Yes, I agree - Facebook is too unstructured for my liking. Both the Discord server and this forum are far easier to spot what is of interest.

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Facebook is all about casual interaction, it’s absolutely fine if all you want is a light engagement with a subject for a few moments of your day.
Locations like this are far better suited to direct, structured engagement however.

It wouldn’t be hard, surely, to post core content on here and link to it on the Facebook page (as opposed to the other way around as in this thread).


Yeah exactly. It’ll just take buy-in from the RGT staff (John, Lucian etc.).

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Yeah, Facebook’s structure is completely inappropriate for matters like this.

That said, this place is a Scrollfest. With the big font and only 1/4 of the screen width used for actual content, I think I get about 15x as much useful information per screen on a classical forum like MyBB than I do here.

Just in case : are you aware of GPXmagic : the big blue “one-click quick fix” button at the top works amazingly well (fixes >95 to 99% of the problems in few seconds)

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It can be, but the search is easy enough and you can also use the categories field if you just want RGT content, for example.

True, to a degree. Search results have the same issue, as does browsing through the threads within a single category.

The whole thing isn’t unusable… certainly better than Facebook for this sort of thing… it just pains me that functionality is sacrificed for the sake of being mobile friendly and purty.

I am going to test this on a course I built that is local to me this afternoon…thanks for the tips!

Autodraft please

Ability to place, or auto add more features to the route to make it visually more interesting

BETTER GPU SUPPORT! For the love of god, take advantage of all the significant GPU power available and make this environment BEAUTIFUL.

Ability to set target number of laps and other attributes upon joining the session.

Ability to define workout profiles to be used on these routes. I only use a magic route to make it mentally interesting. I still want to use a defined workout. Why do I have to choose?


Regarding targets number of laps, is it the case that you specifically want to be able to choose the number of laps ‘live’ whilst in an events rather than before the event starts (which you can already do now)?

Regarding workouts: you can already choose a workout when setting up a group ride on a Magic Road (or Real Road).

Not all participants in a shared session want to do the same number of laps. Not all use is competitive. Self defining as each participant joins would be nice to have.

Forgive my ignorance but how do you define a workout when setting up the group ride? I seem to have missed this somehow. I’ll have to take another look next time I do this. Most of the time I dont even use Magic Road for a group, does that make a difference?

What about the first three I mentioned? The 3 that matter most. :slight_smile: Especially #2 and #3.

Being able to ride SF/SYSTM workouts in RGT is also high on my wishlist.