RGT/SYSTM Password reset

Very excited about this new RGT feature.
Oddly enough I can not log in with my wahoo password.
When I try to reset I never receive any reset email…
My email is actively loading new emails but no RGT ones unfortunately. Checked spam/junk and nothing there either.

When I first tried, RGT would not accept my Systm password either. Tried it three times, nothing. I even went back and confirmed my password. On the 4th attempt it work???

Hopefully it works by the 40 th time

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Did you two get anywhere with this?

If not then I have heard that Wahoo RGT support have been quick to respond to support requests.

After so many failed attempts I put off trying to reset/login until the following morning.
That next morning there were several reset emails in my email that must’ve came in overnight. Since they were all expired I tried again and it worked on the first shot.

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I’m glad you are finally up and running. I am not sure if the issues have been at the sending end or receiving end (or both) but a small proportion of people seem to have been having this kind of issue. Hopefully it is all plain sailing from here.

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