RGT training settings

Just trying to get my head around all this new info regarding RGT. Only recently joined Systm as an old croc where tech isn’t my thing and just getting to grips with that and now RGT comes along!
So, as far as I can tell there is nowhere to input your personal training levels(FTP etc) on there apart from just your height/age and weight so do they come across from Systm when you do a training session say in erg mode or do you have to alter intensity manually to reach the suggested targets?
2) When and where does the app recognise your connected devices ie: trainer/hrm/cadence etc. I haven’t started any ride as yet but does it flag up as you start as in Systm?
3) I presume there is no link up with the Systm calendar so any training on here will be separate to any training done on Systm? which means if you alternate between RGT and Systm for your training your Systm training calendar will either show as incomplete each week or pretty grim with limited training if you delete some of the workouts. Thanks for you help

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I have only had a quick peek but for now, for question 3, it looks like you can create connect a free Strava account and link both systm and rgt to record your full activity base. Plus then you can also record other off app activities to get a full picture of your activity history. That’s my recommendation, for what it’s worth!

Hi @ozmadman

I too am getting my head around this but can help with a few things:

  1. Completely separate to SYSTM at this stage (apart from same login credentials).

  2. When you first open the app (PC, Mac, iOS, or Android) it will ask you to set up a rider - once done if you click on Menu/ My Account you’ll find a space to input your FTP (it’s not 4DP)

  3. That same Menu is also necessary to choose your equipment (a la Zwift) - bike/ clothes/ helmet etc AND to connect your sensors. Will see option for ERG mode/ trainer level here. Also - Magic Roads - I’ve already uploaded a .gpx file - super quick and easy.

See attached.

Hoping to do my first ride Saturday.

Hope this helps.


Thanks, How do I add the sensor data, will it show once you start a session as in Systm? cheers

Also, I don’t know if you can point me in the right direction? how do I get a GPS file from Strava to send it to RGT. I clicked on export GPS file and it displayed the route on GPS viewer. I found the link and sent it to RGT and got a mail back saying no file attached?? totally confused! this is all double Dutch to me I’m afraid, too much info to take in in the 3 weeks i have suscribed to Systm


When you first set up the app set up your sensors through the menu as above. It should then automatically connect when you open the app in the future. I don’t think it brings up a window as SYSTM does.

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ok, got it thanks

When you export the GPX file from Strava and then attach it to your email to magicroads@rgtcycling.com it should all work with reply emails indicating when it’s ready. As long as it’s labelled ***.gpx it should be recognised (and under 100km long it should work).

(To add some complexity - putting it through a GPX smoother program first is recommended. A search for “GPX smoothing” on this forum should bring up details.)

EDIT: Herewith

You need to attach the exported GPX file to the email. Before you do this I would highly recommend you use GPX Magic to smooth out any bumps on the route. Use the one-click quick fix button if you don’t have the time to properly clean up the file. The link to gpx magic is found here GPXmagic Labs

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Just a quick note that unlike Zwift the bikes don’t make a difference to your performance. They are aesthetic improvements only. Each bike is assigned the same weight and resistance etc. (from memory it’s 7.7kg for equipment)
So there is no which is the best bike to descend on, which is the best to climb etc. It’s all about the engine :slight_smile:


It looks to me that I can only connect RGT to either Strava or TrainingPeaks, not both of them like I can with SYSTM. Is that correct?

Hmm. My rides record in both places.

That’s great because no need to purchase extra expensive lighter material :grin:

Go to menu then my account and select linked accounts. Both are there for me.