RGT usage questions

Hi, I’ve got a couple of questions about RGT - not support, it’s running fine, these are user questions. I’ve done a couple of rides now and they’ve been great, just wondering about these points:

  1. Why does my power figure sometimes turn red?

  2. What’s the green/yellow/red bar that’s just under my user name (floating above my avatar)?

  3. Why does the advantage of drafting vary so much, when apparently I’m sitting on someone’s back wheel? Sometimes I get 40W benefit, other times nothing. I assume speed plays a part, but the difference seems a lot bigger than that.

Anyway, it’s a great addition to the platform, and I’m looking forward to seeing it grow in the future.

  1. Your power number in the upper left turns red when you are wasting watts. This happens when you are slowed down for corners, but you continue pedaling, and when you are in the draft of another rider, but not riding hard enough to pass.

  2. The colored bar shows the power zone that you or other riders are currently in. This is set by your FTP in the settings. Also, your watts/kg number in the rider list will turn red when you are in zone 5 mimicking the bar.

  3. Both speed and the distance from the wheel in front will change the amount of draft you are getting. You can see 600w of draft savings on downhills if you are right on the wheel in front!


Hi Jim,

Power in top left window going red is when you are auto-braking. I.e. if you ride behind someone without enough power to overtake, or on a sharp corner. Your w/kg on the left hand rider list going red I believe is when you go above your FTP

The colours under your name above avatar, and also on the far left rider name list are related to your power zones. What colour is what, I can’t find right now but I’m sure it’s somewhere!

Drafting is a complicated one with so many variables. It could be slight changes in the other avatar speed, position behind them, gradient, and so on. It also depends on if it’s a ‘rubber band’ group ride or a normal race.


Thanks for the replies - so I’m guessing when the power band turns red I should stop pedalling, or at least pedal a bit less?

I’m not an expert on racing, only from what I see when we stream. But I believe so, only when the watts in the top left power window (not the bar by your avatar name) are red you can back off as it’s ‘wasted watts’. It’s knowing when to power up again that becomes a great tactic in races.

As with real life some of the best RGT racers aren’t the strongest, they’re the most tactical. And it’s great to watch!

Yeah, I noticed that yesterday - the lack of visual clues makes knowing the route (+map) critical, drafting is similar to real life but not quite, etc.

Anyway that’s what I’m blaming for my poor showing :smiley:

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If you are ‘wasting watts’ in a drafting situation then I recommend subtly reducing your power rather than stopping as there’s a danger you’ll over-react, lose the draft, and then need to sprint to get back on. I’ve got that wrong many a time! It is worth trying some group rides where you can get a feel for the drafting physics without the mayhem of a race situation.