RGT User Experience on Apple TV?

I’m mostly a SYSTM user, which I run on my aging 9.7” iPad Pro (2016), and mirror the iPad screen to my TV via an older Apple TV unit (HD version, circa 2017)

On my iPad, the RGT experience is (just) OK for real roads, but the graphics for magic roads are non-existent (like cycling on a ciment road over water…). I understand that the 2gb RAM of my iPad is just a bit too low for RGT to run nicely. I would guess that events on Real Roads with numerous cyclists would likely offer a rather bad user experience also…

I’m otherwise perfectly happy with my iPad, and cannot justify an upgrade at this time just for RGT.

With The Wahooligan Tour coming up, and the last stage being on RGT, I’m considering upgrading my Apple TV to the latest generation 4K, as this is a much more affordable option than replacing my iPad (about 4 to 5 times less expensive).

This brings me to a couple of questions.

  1. Does the Apple TV app offer all of the features of the PC or Mac versions? Specifically, can I build Magic Roads, workouts (with FIT files), etc?

  2. I’m trying to understand how voice chat works when running on an Apple TV - I’ve read the Wahoo RGT help page, but it’s not clear to me. My question is really whether I can get the sound output from the Apple TV, but then use my iPad or iPhone running the RGT Remote App to talk? Or does that cause a voice echo? What are the viable voice options here?

  3. Can anyone confirm that this version of the Apple TV 4K offers a high quality user experience?

  4. I have 3 Bluetooth devices I’d need to connect to the app (Wahoo Kickr + Climb, cadence sensor, heart rate monitor). Are there any issues to consider with Apple TV Bluetooth device connections? The Apple TV is about 2.5M/8F from my Kickr…



I’m using the latest ATV 4k and have been really happy with it. In answer to your questions:

  1. Everything except Teleport as you can’t click on riders in the rider list

  2. You connect to the radio/voice chat through the remote app on your phone/tablet

  3. Quality for me has been really good. Obviously mine has the A15 chip so can’t say for certain about the previous 4k model, but my guess is it’ll be essentially the same

  4. ATV only allows two connections. But I “believe” the way around that is using the remote app allows you to connect sensors to that and then it can relay the signals to your ATV. I’ve not got a CLIMB so not 100% sure, but I’ve got a feeling that is actually connected to your KICKR so doesn’t take up a connection. I assume you have a pre 2018 KICKR that doesn’t have built in cadence?! If it is a 2018 or later model, cadence will come over the controllable trainer connection so doesn’t count as an extra connection.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Cool! Thanks!

Do other people’s voice come from the Apple TV app, or from the Remote app on the phone/tablet?

Fantastic! I’d be purchasing the very latest model, so it’d be good then….

Ah, yes… I have a KICKR V5 with built-in cadence, but for SYSTM I’ve always
preferred using a crank cadence sensor for better high-cadence (over 130rpm) accuracy. But that’d not really be a concern for RGT, so thanks for pointing that out.

Thank for for the info - I may have a viable and not-too-expensive solution for RGT…


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It all comes through the remote app, so for me it’s in my AirPods. Have to admit, I’ve not actually tried it without headphones, so always assumed it’d work through my phone mic/speakers if I didn’t connect my headphones. Pretty sure it would though as the remote app itself doesn’t really have any influence over that, that’s just the phone routing the audio to headphones or built in speakers etc….

I may try it on my next ride, although there’s often no one to talk to to confirm that lol :slight_smile:

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You can (that is, you should be able to) teleport in AppleTV, it’s just buggy. If you’re on FB read this post and the comments. RGT Users Support Group | Using AppleTV (4K) and iPhone RGT remote (on iOS 16.2) and I seem to have very little luck on getting either the AppleTV or the RGT Remote to work con...


My AppleTV 4K is an older model and it’s connected to a TV that I think is 1080p. The graphics aren’t super great but they’re good enough for what it is. I think you’d get a much better visual experience with a high end gaming computer and dedicated graphics card but I’m NEVER gonna do that.

I’ve used the radio via the iPhone RGT remote on one of the All Access rides with Ian Boswell and gang. Used earbuds and all good. Very clear as long as people remember to mute or use push to talk so we don’t hear all their noises.


Thanks Glen!
A gaming PC or laptop is not in the cards for me either - my current desktop PC suits my current needs, but it not possible for me to use to use it in my “pain cave” when I workout.

So, it’s either an iPad, iPhone or an Apple TV for me. I’ll try the ATV route, as it’s lowest cost at this time.

I’ll report back when it’s been ordered, delivered, setup and tested! I’m not sure whether I’ll use the wired earbuds, the Bose Bluetooth headphones, or the mic/speaker of the iPhone/iPad.

Is there any advantage of using the remote app on a large device (iPad)?



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I think the remote app just gives you easy hands on access to things like the radio and chat feature, moving within the screen menu, changing the camera view, pausing a ride etc. Not an absolute necessity and the remote needs some love but I wouldn’t intentionally do a ride without it. Its a free download.

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I have an older Apple TV 4K. Graphics are a lot better than on my old iPad, but IIRC I manually had to change the image quality in RGT settings.

RGT runs on low settings on my old iPad, and one setting higher on Apple TV.

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I received my new Apple TV 4K (2022) yesterday, and setup RGT on it this morning for a first ride.
Overall, the UI/graphics looked very good and the app ran smoothly. I set the graphics quality to High, and did not notice any artefacts.
The graphics are much, much better than on my old iPad Pro.

Really, my only complaint is that the user interface does not work too well with the Apple TV remote (be it the physical remote of the virtual ATV remote on my iPhone). The RGT Remote App on my iPhone worked much better, mostly thanks to the shortcuts.



Similarly, I rely on the RGT Remote on the Android phone when using RGT on my Apple TV. It will be interesting to see what happens in new releases to see if things are improved.


I have RGT premum sub on 4k ATV 1st gen and no workout option on main menu,what gives?

By “the main menu” do you mean the thing you get when you select Menu, or the set of buttons across the bottom of the screen?

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