RGT vs Zwift


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There is a place for RGT if Wahoo markets the product correctly. However, if it goes head to head against Zwift it is going to lose as Zwift has a huge market share, and if I understand it is not profitable. So being number two in that market is not a sensible business strategy. I don’t understand the Wahoo marketing strategy for RGT or SYSTM at all. You have two good products that are sold in one package, but marketed as two products. If Wahoo wants to go anywhere with the software side (and there is no reason to think it does because ultimately it is a product company) then it needs to market the product in a completely different way. It needs to get users fast and it should be looking at sales/marketing that allow large number of users to be gained quickly. They will be lower margin as they come via a third party. However, I think that is the only way to make rapid gain on the user numbers. If Wahoo did that it would have a different marketing strategy to Zwift and thus would be able to have a chance at survival. It is fairly basic business strategy to pivot if things are not working. However, I don’t know the numbers and I don’t know the cost of the software operation. Clearly the cuts at Sufferfest and the deal with Zwift suggest a focus on the core business of product manufacturing. It might be that the backers do not see a financial future for the software business and there is little that can be done it that is the case, other than the original owners of those businesses buying back Sufferfest and RGT and developing those apps themselves. What I find very odd is that the Wahoo team never pivoted the sales strategy to give the software platforms a decent crack at making it work.


Bought a KickrBike in January. Not even a hint to Wahoo X or RGT in the package or during the setup process. Sort of stumbled upon X and RGT by chance. Now, why wasn’t I offered a Hardware/software bundle, simply for promotion?
Well, today I am using both worlds, actually three. It is kind of funny: There are days when in a Zwift mood, than there are days, when it needs to be Wahoo X or RGT.
From a marketing perspective: the current graphic design with the very strong Zwift resemblence is totally irritating. Something is going on there.
(A-and I want the dark mode back as well)

Just noticed that all the Tacs products have vanished from the Zwift shop…