Rgt with kickr direct connect question

With RGT is there any way to tell if its using direct connect instead of normal bluetooth? I plug it directly into my laptop and it works perfectly fine for Systm and shows a different icon. But on RGT it doesn’t change. Its a pretty niche product so maybe no one on the forms has used it but I thought I’d ask here before I send support the question

Got a feeling it used to actually say direct connect. But just checked now and it does have the icon. Obviously you posted this a few weeks ago so it may have changed since then.

Hopefully you’ve already got it working though

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what device are you using? I still don’t see a handy little direct signal on my windows pc. It shows up in sufferfest but in rgt I just see my kickr twice like you but neither have that handy picture maybe its windows or maybe its the 2021 kickr ?

Hmmm, mine is on the Mac so maybe that’s the difference. If you toggle off BTLE do both options disappear? I can’t remember if on windows the app uses the Bluetooth stack to form the network with DIRCON. If you toggle it off and only one is left, you’ll know that’s the right one though lol :slight_smile:

yea the way the direct connect works is with bluetooth stack. I may reach out to support and ask on this then as its pretty clear when it connects via direct connect when I use suffer fest but not so much on rgt. if you turn off BTLE does one of yours stay on mac?

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I’m not sure to be honest, but I know there were differences between the way Mac and Windows handled DIRCON. But if I’m honest it’s so long since I’ve had to play with any of the connections I forget which apps do things in what ways. I certainly know some don’t use Bluetooth at all, but again that’s more specifically on the Mac as I’d already switched from windows when I got DIRCON.

I still seem to recall RGT did used to label it with something that made it clear it was the DIRCON connection. So guessing one of the releases changed something with how they handle device connections maybe