RGT workouts and Kickr Climb

I’m close to buying a kickr climb and have exported a lot of my NoVid endurance rides over to RGT before my planned start date in Systm.

My question is that when in a workout will the Climb still operate based on the gradient of the route even though I would be in a workout as opposed to free ride or planned routes?

Not if it’s like Zwift where if you are in ERG mode, the gradient is not communicated to the trainer. I suppose it’s possible if you ride the workout to RPE in Slope mode. But I dunno about that.

Thanks as I thought.

As they are just zone 2 rides and I can monitor my effort on screen anyway. In the same way when I ride zone 2 outside and encounter the endless short shabby climbs in my part of the UK.

I think you’re going to want to make RGT the controlling program, then set SYSTM to level mode. It’s good practice to ride workouts in level mode, anyway. I think remember @Coach.Neal.H, either here or on one of the podcasts, say we should ride about half our workouts in level mode.


Thank you

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…but…if the workouts are already in RGT why would the OP want to open SYSTM at all?

Good point.

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