RIAK workouts

Are the RIAK workouts gone now? I really enjoyed them regards Tim

Yep. ALL the RGT workouts are gone now. Replaced with the entire SYSTM workout library.

Thanks, I liked that I could do a 12 week VO2 max block etc. I suppose it’s down to a License fee… Wahoo gives but also takes

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Perhaps it was licensing fee, perhaps they’re more confident in their own training plans. :man_shrugging:

There’s a LOT of sport science behind EVERYTHING they do. Are you a Wahoo X subscriber? If so, it would be worth checking out their training plan builder. You can definitely focus on VO2 max if that’s what you’re after. If not, I’m not aware of any other app out there that offers the breadth and depth of what Wahoo X provides. Personally, I’m here for The Sufferfest stuff but there’s soooooo much more.

Thanks, yes i am a subscriber, my focus is on Triathlon, and i use the plan builder all the time and i do enjoy the flexibility and range of options, i especially enjoy the yoga aspect

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I see. Preaching to the choir. Can I ask, out of curiosity, what you miss from the RIAK workouts that you can’t get from the SYSTM plans or the No-Vids that are now available in RGT?

Well i was following a 12 week Riak vo2 building plan and all of a sudden its gone as i was heading into week 4, perhps no vids and SF sessions are fine; i was just making the point that Wahoo drops and adds to whats on offer even though people sign up for a yearly subscription


I 100% agree with you here. I LOVE when they add stuff and adding the entire SYSTM catalogue is a big win for them and a big step forward.

That said, they have a pretty spotty history of communicating these changes in advance and end up with a bunch of perplexed subscribers who wondered what happened.

I get not advertising that they’re going to add something cuz that could backfire if they aren’t able to do it or get delayed but there really REALLY ought to be a notice that they’re removing something. The loss of the GCN stuff was a similar thing. I never liked those vids personally but there were quite a few who did and their loss came as quite a shock.


Thanks for reply, best of luck for now

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Help… RIAK workouts = ? I’m not familiar with RIAK…

Point well taken on communication. I know it’s hard to get the word out, but I’d be peeved to be mid-plan and no idea it would be gone the next day. There were LOTS of questions about the GCN videos when they went away. “They” then did better job of announcing videos that were dropping out in January and February, so “they” may have learned.

except not in this case. The RIAK workouts were a series of interval workouts in RGT that are no longer there. I presume they came from RIAK fitness hence the suspicion of a licensing issue but I’m suspecting it was simply a matter of The Company being more confident in the sport science behind their own training plans and simply not wanting the RIAK ones there anymore. They came from a time before the RGT acquisition.

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They are hosting events on RGT, you can search RIAK in the organiser filer:

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Yes, RIAK back on RGT, excellent, although I am out of action from a hernia operation for a few weeks, so enjoy