Ride History on App

I am able to find my RGT ride history, but unable to page down to see rides beyond page 1. The app shows page 1/2, but I can’t get to page down. If I log on the website, I can see all rides. Am I missing something?

So you are having this problem in the app? Which version?

I’ve just loaded the Android app and the right hand side of the screen looked like this for me (with artistic highlighting added later by me):

It’s on the iOS version. Both on my iPad and iPhone.

This is perhaps a silly question but have you done more rides than those five that are visible?

There appears to be at least one bug with the Ride History because I scrolled back through the (allegedly) 91 pages of mine and (1) it showed blanks pages towards the end (with an error with a typo) and (2) it wouldn’t let me get past page 90.

Yes. I was able to see the others on the website.

I submitted a support ticket last night (#1415447 in case you want to refer to it to add to it).

Out of interest, how many rides do you have visible via the website? For me, the pagination in the app gets as far as 80 and then says there are no more rides. The last ride it shows on page 80 appears to be the same as the last ride I can see via web interface, so I wonder if the calculation of the number of pages is wrong.

FYI the details have been passed on to the dev team.

There are 10 rides on the website.

Thanks. I have added some extra information to the support ticket.

Just out of curiosity. Will there be an update to the app icon to change it from RGT Cycling to Wahoo RGT? Within the app, it has been rebranded, but not the icon.

Interesting. It has changed on Android. I haven’t got an iThingy but your screenshot surprised me. I would have assumed it would have changed. :face_with_monocle:

I’m surprised as well. I keep thinking there will be an update, but nothing so far. The SYSTM icon changed shortly after the announcement.

The RGT iOS app has been updated today and I see the new Wahoo icon.

Got the update. It added the icon and fixed the ride history issue.

Icon on the iOS remote app has not changed yet.

@ErickT What is the Wahoo Utility App? Never seen that one before.

It might be deprecated? (No longer in App Store) It checks the signal strength, battery level and firmware version.

FYI the support team have emailed me for some more info, so the seem to be on the case.

When they updated the iOS app last week, it updated the icon and fixed the ride history issue for me.

Thanks, I will pass that on.