Ride now button disabled for all user in race

We had arranged an RGT race last night with 100+ signups, but nobody could enter:

22-SEP-2022 19:30 (danish time)

The “Ride now” button was disabled and never came active. It was the same for all 100 riders, so I don’t think it was any device or platform issue. Can you please help, so it does not happen again. I can see that several others have described the same issue.

We are starting a league in just 10 days with 150+ participants every tuesday and thursday for the next 6 months. If we experience issues like this, they will drop out.

Let me know, if you need any further info.

Regards, Kenneth

@kammersgaard Try contacting support either via email or phone. They likely will not see the issue in time on the forum

M-F 9am - 5pm ET at [+1 (877) 978-1112](tel:+1 (877) 978-1112).

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Impressive numbers for an RGT race. Hopefully RGT get their act together with the recent reliability issues… people are only going to have so much patience before they go back to racing on Zwift.


Has anybody else experienced the same issue, maybe that can help in locating the error?

Yes, we are currently 159 riders, with 12 more days to go :slight_smile:

Sorry for very very late response - I haven’t had time to be on the forum recently. I and some of the other FB moderators for the RGT groups did see some similar reports of issues on FB and Discord around the same time and we passed this on the RGT support. They jumped on this pretty swiftly but, understandably, not soon enough to avoid some rides being disrupted. Hopefully they have performed subsequent investigations to understand what the root cause was.

Hi @Robin-RGT-FB-mod

Yes, I reported it to support as well, they said it was a server issue. But I would like some fall back options, if it happens again, how we should handle it. Our current solution, is to create a new race 10 minutes later, but not all riders get moved over and it would be difficult to have it count in the league, etc. So maybe you can propose other fall-back solutions?

Regards, Kenneth

I am not sure what is best to do but here are some of my ramblings…

Of course ideally Wahoo RGT would fix things so that it could never happen. Until that happens then perhaps the key for event organisers is to have a pre-defined ‘communications plan’ in case there is a server issue. For example, is everyone is told (as part of the details of the series) to check (a Discord channel/a FB group/whatever) if there are issues to receive instructions such as if there is a new event set up.