Ridiculous Wattage Outputs

Hi, I’ve been using RGT on and off for about 4 years now and largely find it to be trouble free. I was going to use it a couple of days ago but struggled to get any rides to load so contacted support who told me there was a new version and I needed to download it. I went through the process of doing this and everything was successful. However, now when I am riding my power output reading is incredibly high compared to what it was prior to the new version being installed, I’m talking probably 200 watts higher than I would expect it to be. Effectively I’m soft tapping on the pedals and setting new personal bests and riding at speeds I’d never imagined. Nothing has changed as far as my system set up is concerned, the only difference is the newly installed version. Can anyone advise what might be causing this? Many thanks.

Is this only in RGT but not in any other apps?

What are you using to report power?

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Hi, thanks for the reply and the welcome. I’m recording power via my Elite Jura trainer. At the moment I’ve only been using the RGT app but I’m going to open up the Elite training app on my day off on Wednesday to see if the same issue is occurring. This has definite only started since I installed the new version. I’m baffled.

I’ve just realised that it’s using ‘virtual power’ when I’m doing a ride, so my question is, how do I stop it from doing this and using the actual power reading?

In your ride, click on the area in the top left of the RGT screen where it shows your power, it will open the sensor connection screen and under power, choose your trainer. Do the same for the control option.

Screenshot below…but am on my phone in yhe office so is not showing any of my sensors which are good few km away from my current location :rofl:

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Thanks everyone for the help. It appears that for some reason RGT was seeing two power meters (???) and then because it wasn’t connecting to either it was defaulting to virtual power. After manually connecting to the correct power meter, my wattage has returned to its non super human normal. :joy:


Nice! Thanks for reporting back.

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Since you mention it, @Richard_Morgan, I’ve started using RGT more for my NoVid workouts (love it!), and noted that for some reason RGT is seeing my Kickr twice as well. Haven’t taken the time to figure out why, but have to make sure I select the correct one to get any readings.

I used to have that problem but it just went away one day. BUT! It does pick up my neighbor’s bike and power meter. Our garages are fairly close and we are each set up on the closest side. Fortunately while it picks his up, it has never connect. Given his wife says he uses the bike more as a coat rack than anything, I am not expecting it to be an issue.

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@CPT_A Do you have the v6? If so one might be BT and one is WiFi.


Probably exactly that, @JSampson. Thanks! :+1:t3:

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