Save $$ on Tour nutrition from Skratch Labs and UnTapped Maple

RIDERS! Two of our favorite Tour Sponsors, of course, make food. UnTapped Maple and Skratch Labs return with donations to our incredible prize pool. Not only that, but they’re also giving all Sufferlandrians discounts (valid until April 1/one per person) so you can load up on your pre-Tour fueling. Get in there!


Does the discount only happen during the TOS? I just tried it and it didn’t discount anything.


I just tested the UnTapped code and it is working (discount shows when you go to checkout). The Skratch Labs checkout page has this message, which explains why the code isn’t currently working. Try it again on the 15th.

Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 12.26.59 PM

Anyone tried Untapped?

Big fan of the mapleaid mix and lemon waffles. :+1:t3: