See Steering Explainer again, BACK button

Updated RGT and got a very nice steering explainer lead-in right after the update installed. Unfortunately there was no BACK button, only NEXT, so no way to go back and review the info. Also, did not find a way to replay it, which would be handy. Is there a way to got through it again?

Did find steering info in Support:

I grabbed some screenshots:


I’ve tried that Tempelhof Airport ride but still haven’t quite figured out how it works.

Do you just need to be in the inside lane for a turn to be fastest as it says in this introduction, or do you need to find the racing line (i.e. entering wide, touching the apex and exiting wide again) like in real life?

Ooh on the “Other updates to watch out for” slide: the new gradient change indicator and updated maps look to be quite an upgrade.

Can’t wait to drive myself off the road in tonight’s NorCal race!


Awesome! Wahoo support should have these in the RGT steering section. Should be trivial for them to do.

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I suspect your speed will be your speed and taking the shortest path, the inside line, will get you further ahead. The “racing line” is often a modification of the shortest path which allows for the fastest cornering speed where lateral traction can be the limitation. i.e. go too fast and you slide out. There is no such limitation in RGT (that I’m aware of, anyway).

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There is a “What’s New?” link in the upper right of the main page after you have selected your Rider, it will replay that intro information.


It does now! I swear it didn’t when I tried it after first installing the update this morning. It just showed new content.

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