Shaving / Not shaving your Legs - Tradition

Ladies and gentleman,
fellow sufferlandrians,
honoured knights,

I am in dire need of a history lesson.

A little birdie (Facebook) told me there is a tradition out there involving smoothly shaved legs (M) or ever growing hair (W) and a certain greatest grand tour of a mythical nation.

What’s up with that? :slight_smile:


Well, all other Grand Tours involve shaved legs, so why wouldn’t the greatest Grand Tour?

But the most important is of course AERO GAINS! You are likely to save several watts! :+1:

Oh yeah, and it looks real good too :wink:

But this is just my reflections, as for the history lessons, I have just enrolled class.


I belonged to a club in Washington, DC, and their slogan was: “We wear bib shorts; we shave our legs; we are racers!” so I have been committed to leg shaving before every Tour. Of course, living in Ottawa, Ontario, I need to triple-layer my legs when I go running outside!

All the turns on my local race are right handers, so to prepare for this I’m going to only shave my left leg, less drag for the outside of my body in the corners should make that side go round quicker - right?


The women are of course going to stop shaving for the duration. As is also tradition.


Didn‘t know that. I updated my initial post and topic title according.

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None of those ridiculous cyclist “rules” apply in Sufferlandria. A totally acceptable response to “are you shaving your legs for the Tour?” Is “no, but I might shave everything else if it makes $ for DPF”. p.s. not offering that!


Two years ago, I shaved my legs and won my Provincial 40K time trial. I was the fastest over 40kms in the province in my category.
Last year, I didn’t shave, all races were cancelled and I only could compete online.
You decide how important leg shaving is.


All humour aside, I’ve been on the tarmac more than once and on the first one it involved a truck at 45kph/28mph. My kit wasn’t much protection from the tarmac rash and the nurses that were tending what skin I had left thanked me for shaving. They said it saved them hours of pulling out hairs that were embedded in the rashes to prevent infections.

And yes, it’s a lot faster. I’m told 90 seconds over a 40k.



Once you start you won’t go back because it it itches like mad if you try! :smile:

Also: clean sheets night with fresh shaved legs … mmmmmmmm

(don’t forget to moisturise)

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So much quicker/easier to get the suncream on.
Shave. You won’t regret it.