Should avatar legs match the movement of my real life legs?

When I get started on a ride, and start pedalling, my avatar in game does not pedal for like 4-5 seconds. And when I am up and going a good speed, if I stop pedalling in real life, my avatar continues pedalling and comes to a gradual stop instead of coasting. I have a feeling this is not right. Going up even the slightest hill, my avatar seems to move at a snails pace.

Is this a censor problem? Using Windows 10/Bluetooth 5.0 dongle/Kickr v5. Tried both LE and BLE Bluetooth connections, but don’t have an ANT+ dongle yet. Some say I could have environmental interferences but not sure. I do not live in an apartment. The closest neighbors wifi signals are very weak at this distance. I run a single wifi router from Netgear. My internet connection is tip top, as I play games like Fortnite with no issue.