Sound problem RGT

I have problems with sound in RGT. I can hear RGT start up the sound, I can hear wheel noise from other riders and I can hear clicks when the sound in voice chat is turned up and down. I can’t hear the audience and there are no voices on voice chat. I have changed access to RGT from another PC and android phone, but it is the same problem. RGT App has been deleted and reinstalled.
Support has not been able to find errors in the setup or when submitting files.
Hope one of you has a solution.
Best Regards

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Had a similar discussion the other day. My theory is, that there simply isn’t much traffic on the voice channel.
First time it worked for me, was a group ride yesterday (March 16, 16.05 GMT called Wahoo all acces with E. Batty and A. Dvorak). Was like a moderation and interview with three people talking, others listening.
That was the first time it worked.
On other occasions, I was using the “PUsh to talk” button, addressing other riders in an “is there anybody out there” fashion. No, answers.
What time zone are you in. Maybe we should meet in a group ride, stay close to each other and try the voice chat.

Thank you very much for your answer. I am trying to find a solution. :slight_smile:
Best regards