Steering in RGT

After updating RGT, I was reading about the new steering function. Am I to understand that one cannot use RGT without using the steering function?

It’s explained here:

So technically it’s optional, but NOT steering is never going to be optimal (at least in current iteration).

I tested steering out on launch day and I personally thought it was pretty good, but plenty of people (but perhaps a smaller but louder subset) are grumpy about it (especially on Facebook).

I mostly do workouts in SYSTM app, RGT only for group rides about 1x per week that are usually rubber banded anyhow, so impact to me is minimal at this time.

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Not steering should never be optimal.

But a rudimentary auto-steering mode as an alternative would at least make it acceptable.

I filed a case to propose optional auto-steering with steering decisions every 5 seconds. Then rather than dangling out in the wind as currently happens, a rider would eventually move over to get in line.

One challenge is presently if you steer into someone you can push them aside, We wouldn’t want auto-steerers doing that.