So, do any of the steering things work with RGT?


I think steering would be useful. IMO I wouldn’t want it to require a user to have specific hardware so I’d want it to also work via the (Wahoo) RGT Remote app and/or keyboard, so users weren’t forced to buy a specific trainer.

Having tried it and seen steering flop massively in Zwift it isn’t at all high on my list of things I’d like to see in RGT. It either requires a fully explorable world to navigate for free riding or needs everyone to be using it to be valuable racing

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Ye, I agree - it needs to be available to all. The RGT physics engine is really good IMO, and has improved a lot in the last year or two, but there are times when I really wish it was possible to apply a bit more user control to the avatar’s position. At the moment, you control the power and then the physics engine chooses what line you take. There are occasions when the line chosen really isn’t what you’d want to take. If I was a less feeble rider then I probably wouldn’t mind as much! :grin:

For me this really only needs a one button system.
Hit it when your avatar is floundering at the side of the course to move you into the draft.
If you’re in the draft and you are planning an attack, hit it to throw you out to the side of the road so the rider behind you momentarily loses their draft.
Does it need to be more complicated?


The inner left and right gave me a look behind and wave to the crowd. This was on a free ride.

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You’re referencing the buttons on the wahoo Kickr bike right?
The wave to the crowd can be quite useful when your taking part in a ttt and need the next guy to come through.
Next time your out on the road try typing /win in the chat or /lose and seeing what your avatar does :slight_smile:

On the Kickr bike yes. I’ll give that a go, though the keyboard is a stretch from the bike. Does it change depending on the view, I had the moto camera yesterday?

No. It will respond the same regardless of view.
You can chat through the optional mobile app wahoo RGT remote. Which also gives some control functions.
I bought a cheap Bluetooth keyboard which means I don’t have to get off the bike.

The only time I’ve really wanted steering in RGT is when I’m in the draft with a few riders on one side of the road, but there’s a bigger pack formed on the other side of the road… it’d be good to have left/right buttons to be able to move your rider over.


I agree with @oggie41, @Riley - I think that there are times when it would be beneficial to be able to a bit more than just choose between ‘overtake’ and ‘hide from the wind’. The more control you have, the harder to implement (well) it becomes, but I think this would really improve the drafting experience.