Storming the castle 24 December

So, after 2 years of suffering, i’ve decided to finally storm the castle on my birthday 24 of december.
I was planning on doing it last spring, but life got in the way.
Now i’m more motivated then ever, and i’m kicking my ass today so i can kick the laser eyes goats tomorrow.

Not 100% sure about the lineup, but i’m kinda afraid so probably gonna go for the shorter video’s:
Do As You’re Told
Rue The Day
The Best Thing in the World
The Wretched
The Omnium
A Very Dark Place
Power Station
There Is No Try

Gonna finish my tempo block the coming week, then i got a full frontal week & then i’m starting the KOS prep plan.
I’ll keep updates in this thread.

more than you


Good stuff and a fine selection of videos there too!


Brilliant! Thank you for offering the excellent birthday and holiday enterpainment. Jolly old saint GvA will surely bring you lots of real pagne, harsh whine, and glorious suffering.


You’ll have this lovely bed awaiting your arrival. You can make it your motivation to get to the gates. This thing is sooo uncomfortable, you’ll LOVE it!

SufferKing Mattress