Subscription question, Google play/Paypal


I was going to ask this a few days back and then thought it would be easy to find a answer (Ref Google play card) but seemingly not.

I see that Google play cards are a option for subscription payment when looking at the RGT app via a Android device, I think I have a gift card here somewhere that was given to me and it may give me the opportunity to actually use the thing if I can find it.

How do they work?, I thought RGT was using a auto renewal for subscription payment and a play card is a set small amount $15 etc, would I pay say $14.99 on a play card then simply get a notification saying my months subscription was about to end and if not topped up it would revert to a basic plan or does the app look to take payment some other way.

Lastly is there a Paypal option for payment via the Windows app?, I just went through to the payment page and it asks for credit card details and I cannot see a Paypal payment option, is there one?..


I paid for the 12 month plan with PayPal so you can use that

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Thanks for the reply,

May I ask was that through the web app or via a Android device and Google account play store, TBH I am trying to avoid putting payment details into my Google account.



I did it through the wahoo website on a windows pc