SUF camp (SYSTM CMP )? Next year?

I thought I saw a mention that SUF camp or some mini camps in Boulder might be in the offing for 2022 . Any update Sir David McQuillan? Or maybe some old SuF heads should just pick a tour somewhere mountainous ?

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With Sir @David.McQuillen.KoS living in Tassie and Tasmania being a place where we have it all - great road cycling (and climbs!), mountain biking and gravel riding, as well as being a running and swimming Paradise, it will have to be on the cards one year for the Boulder team to head over!

Camps happening in Switzerland and and Boulder next year. Stay tuned!



Just noticed ‘Laser Goat Herder’. Has someone been nominated Fluffy’s Keeper?

Any crumbs for us to look forward to on this?