SUF remote control keypad

Hi all,

I just finished working on a little prototype, based on an inexpensive RGB keypad & microcontroller - I give you the “SUFpad”! :slight_smile:

This little thing connects via a USB cable to your PC and lets you control your workout from the palm of your hand.

If anyone wants to try this at home, the CircuitPython code is here.

The next project I am looking at will do away with the keyboard entirely, instead there will just be a clickable spinning knob with RGB LED lighting that can sit on your stem or headset top-cap - click to switch between ERG & level mode, rotate to increase/decrease difficulty, double-click to pause/play. It will be interesting to see if that works as a user interface…

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:star_struck: nice!

When you get the spinning knob set up going, please make sure it goes to 11.

I know there are only 10 levels. But it would go to 11.

Also perhaps a Suffermode where every setting puts it on 11.


It’s like you’re reading my mind :smiley:

You beat me to it!



really cool :clap:t4:

Excellent work. I’d still sweat all over it. I had thought to attach sensors to the two brakes. Currently learning Python though in order to connect an ANT+ stick to Home Assistant on a Pi so it’ll have to wait.

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There are some 3D-printed cases available and the keypad itself is a single piece of silicone, so in theory this could be made sweatproof quite easily…

This looks like something out of ‘quantum leap’ aka Ziggy


Update: I finally got a 3D printer of my own and was able to print a case for the SUFpad to make it holy waterproof - I think it came out pretty well:


Does that mean all the music should be changed to Spinal Tap?

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