Sufferfest on iOS - what does the iCloud backup contain?

Was just looking at what’s using space on my iCloud, and I see that the Sufferfest app is the biggest app on my iPad - at a hefty (for cloud backups) 400+MB. I suspect it’s actually backing up the offline-saved videos in the app, which make no sense - they can be re-downloaded anytime.

Is there anything else that the backup includes? I suspect no, and planning to just turn off backups for the app, but maybe someone knows better.

For the devs - not sure if you can mark things as “don’t backup”, but if it’s possible, it would help. 400+MB is about 10% of the default iCloud quota.

If you have your iPad set for auto backups to iCloud, then yes - it’s a pretty good bet they’re backing up all your SUFF videos, since in iOS those store direct to your user container.

Yeah you shouldn’t really need any backups for the Suf app as all your history and rider data is stored on the SUF servers. I guess if after a ride there happens to be some kind of sync failure, at most you may loose that one ride. But in general when you install the app fresh or on a new device, everything will sync over from the Suf servers.

You can turn off the backup for SUF (and any other apps which don’t really need a backup).

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Of course, I know that. The question is whether anything is lost by doing so. I guess not, but so far I think all replies (thanks!) are also leaning towards that, but with no clear data.

In any case, I’ve disabled backups. Losing one ride is fine :slight_smile: