Sufferlandrian Knighthood and the current Honor Roll

King Arthur had the Round Table. Prince had The Revolution. We have the Knights of Sufferlandria®.

Of course all Sufferlandrians know how to take punishment. It’s in our nature. But there are some among us who have elevated the ideal of Suffering in the cause of HONOUR, GLORY and VICTORY to an art form.Yes, there are Sufferlandrians. And then there are Knights of Sufferlandria®. To be awarded the highest honour, one must simply (cough) do 10 Sufferfest videos, back-to-back.

Rules for a Sufferlandrian Knighthood Attempt

  • Please see a doctor. You’re not right and are in desperate need of help.

  • You must be at least 18 years old.

  • You must do 10 Sufferfest videos, back-to-back.

  • You can do them in any order you like.

  • You may not do any video title more than once (e.g., you can’t do the old and the remastered version of a video.)

  • The following workouts ARE valid as part of The Quest:
    14 Vise Grips
    A Very Dark Place
    Do As You’re Told
    Fight Club
    Hell Hath No Fury
    It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time (ISLAGIATT)
    Local Hero
    Nine Hammers
    Power Station
    Team Scream
    The Bat
    The Best Thing in the World
    The Chores
    The Downward Spiral
    The Hunted
    The Omnium
    The Rookie
    The Shovel
    The Trick
    The Wretched
    There Is No Try
    Thin Air
    Who Dares.

  • If a video is NOT on the list above it is NOT valid for a Knighthood ride.

  • Running videos are not permitted.

  • You are allowed 10 minutes rest between videos. No more. But less is fine.

  • You must publicly record and post the event somehow – e.g., power/hr files, photos, Facebook posts and/or tweets during the event to show progress.

  • We do not set any kind of performance benchmark for your ride (i.e., how hard you have to go). However, we insist that you do a ride in which you Suffer and which, most importantly, of which you are immensely proud of yourself for having given all you can give and a bit more.

  • You really should, although its not necessary, try to raise money for a good cause. It’ll do good for the world, make you even prouder of yourself and rightly earn the praise of your fellow Sufferlandrians.

  • One of the following must be true for each person who wants to be Officially Recognised as a Knight of Sufferlandria®:

Upon completion, fill out this form
Wait for The Minions to get back to you (normally takes a few days).
If your ride is accepted, the Minions will notify you and you’ll be invited to join the Knights-exclusive group on the SYSTM Forum.
Bask for eternity in the GLORY that comes from being a Knight of Sufferlandria®. Never shall you not be the centre of every single dinner conversation you attend from that point onwards.

Prestigious Gifts and Accolades
Here’s what you get when you become a Knight of Sufferlandria®. Don’t let it go to your head.

  • The immense satisfaction of having done something truly incredible and awe-inspiring and a little bit mad.
  • A nice(ish) certificate with your name on it, and a very exclusive bike decal (in white and black no less!).
  • An invitation to join the very**exclusive Knights of Sufferlandria® SYSTM Forum group.
  • We – and other Knights and Sufferlandrians – will verily then address your honorable self as Sir or Dame, whatever the case may be, from thence forward.
  • You may use the designation KoS after your name whenever you like.

Prepping for Glory: The 5-Week Knighthood Training Plan

Sir Mac Cassin, Senior Cycling Physiologist at Wahoo Sports Science Division, has put together a 5-week training plan to get you ready to storm the Castle. You can find it under the Cycling > Event Prep > Online section of the Training Plan Builder.

But before you dive in, here’s a little disclaimer:

Due to the demands of a Knighthood attempt, (10 Sufferfest sessions back-to-back) this plan is designed for those who have already built up a decent level of fitness through consistent training over the past 6 months.

We would not recommend this plan or a Knighthood attempt to anyone with less than 6 months of training under their belt.

Just Finished Your Knighthood? Submit Your Details Here.

Please allow two weeks for us to process your application.

Current Knights of Sufferlandria®
(Note: Listing is by NATIONALITY of the Knight, not the location of the ride.)

Sir Martin Dodd
Sir Andrew Colin Keith
Dame Sara Pixley
Dame Michelle Jennings
Dame Erin Rook
Sir Ben Gerhardy
Sir Cameron James
Sir Glenn Page
Sir Tony Brooks
Sir Peter Elliott
Sir Stephen Lane
Sir Shane Miller
Sir Craig Mitchell
Sir Duane Parnell
Sir Craig Percival
Dame Chris Thompson
Sir Neil Brydges
Dame Katie Goodrope
Dame Kate Patterson
Sir Stephen Baxter
Sir Brook Kennedy
Dame Briony Mattocks
Sir Jon Stagg
Sir Jason Brown
Dame Neridah Lock
Sir Mat Lock
Sir Michael Mancuso
Sir Ian Humble
Sir Mark Oldfield
Sir Scott Bales
Sir Kevin Wells
Sir Chris Belyea
Sir Scott Pratt
Sir David Younger
Sir Aaron Blair
Dame Meri Griesbach
Sir David Hennessy
Dame Rachel Edwards
Sir Shannon Duggan
Sir David Williams
Sir Josh Martin
Sir Josh Cardwell
Sir Robert Bennett
Sir Duncan Tebb
Sir David Glancy
Sir Aaron Tetley
Sir Braad Sowman
Sir Michael Ford
Sir Glenn Sullivan
Sir Mark Haverty
Dame Alison Skene
Sir Patrick Weinrauch
Sir Lee Robson
Sir Harrison Weisinger
Sir Graham Lockett
Dame Kristy Rollinson
Sir Danny Matthews
Sir Stewart Needham
Sir Russell Eustace
Sir Christopher Dean
Dame Jackie Pears
Sir Paul Dickeson
Sir Rikki Baxter
Sir Chris Blom
Sir Wayne Lewis
Dame Kerry Watson
Dame Theresa Smith
Sir Gareth Rees
Sir Todd Ross
Sir Andrew Rowe
Sir Finn Dorney
Sir David Griffiths
Sir Neil Flinn
Sir Peter Roberts
Sir Bill Dechow
Dame Michaela Humphrey
Sir Andrew Clark
Sir Cameron Johns
Sir Geoff McIntosh
Sir Jeremy Keen
Sir Brad the Pirate
Sir Danny Brkic
Sir Jack Walsh
Sir Angus Giles
Sir Ben Johnston
Sir Chris Jenkins
Sir Gautam Sridhar
Sir Craig Quarmby
Sir Conal Monaghan
Sir Chris Herrmann
Sir James Jordan
Sir Adam Walsh

Dame Patrizia Zeiselberger
Sir Sebastian Lifka
Sir Werner Finger
Dame Ulla Daurer
Sir Udo Feyerl
Sir Thomas Wöhrer
Sir Markus Simon
Sir Josef Starlinger

Sir Drabir Alam
Dame Sadia Siddiqui

Sir Hans Cool
Sir Laurent Gigot
Sir Benoit Gigot

Sir Alexandre Spera

Sir Griffin Schwartz
Sir Chris Wenger
Sir Steve Manning
Dame Jessie El-Farram
Sir Glen Hawley
Sir Johnny Hipwell
Sir Kyle Rempel
Sir Simon Villeneuve
Sir François Duperré
Sir Hugues Michaud
Sir Sébastien Lavoie
Sir Frédéric Lavoie
Sir José Luis LoMonaco
Sir Jon Bell
Sir Mike Beauchamp
Sir Carl Finley
Sir Richard Jodoin
Sir Todd Benson
Sir Marc Cueto
Sir Tomas Peiser
Sir Jared McClintock
Sir Corey Wise
Sir Chris Harris
Sir James Pringle
Sir Rudy Clifford
Sir Thomas Beckerman
Dame Ellisa Podemski
Sir Jeremy Kitson
Dame Garnet Siddall
Sir Evan Siddall
Dame Jessica Gjertsen
Dame Laura June Wilson
Sir Jody Wilson
Sir Myles Gaulin
Dame Shawna Gibbs
Dame Kelly Petch
Sir Tom Unwin
Sir Larry Danks
Sir J.R Enns
Sir Thomas Valentine
Sir Owen Clements
Sir Robin Manley
Sir Dan Joly
Sir Adrian Barber
Dame Lise Munsie
Sir Terry Lazarou
Sir Tom Hughes
Dame Andrea Bowker
Sir Barry Cox
Dame Meaghan Burford
Sir Dennis Hippie
Dame Janis Denning
Sir Jaimie MacPherson
Sir Tim Wilkinson
Dame Shannon Weatherhead
Sir Thomas Carrique
Dame Marie-Claude Dumais
Sir Yves Ferland
Sir Simon Guthrie
Sir Vincent Boulanger
Dame Janice Peskett
Sir Brent Gusnowski
Sir Carl Gladu-Léger
Sir Daniel Leblanc
Sir Peter Walker
Sir Leslie Reissner
Dame Saara Naudts
Kim Nelson
Sir Ben Elliott
Sir James Kallen
Sir Chad Sales
Sir Chris Therrien
Sir Michael Baxter
Dame Michelle Jackson
Sir Denis Poirier
Dame Katherine Weber
Dame Emily Dietrich
Sir Mike Galenkamp
Sir Louis Lavoie
Sir Jean-Michel Racine
Sir Tim Basile
Sir Mike Thivierge
Sir Christian Holz
Sir Glen Coutts
Dame Betsy Troutt
Dame Candy Badger
Sir Jean-Francois Marticotte
Dame Josyane Marticotte
Sir Arthur Fast
Sir Patrick Dalton
Sir Pascal Pépin
Sir Charles Pester
Sir Randy McMahon
Sir Alexandre Boyer
Sir Francis Boyer
Sir Owen Clements
Sir Kevin Steele
Dame Therese Kirchner
Sir Kelly Chimilar
Sir Mike Gavelis
Sir Brock Campbell
Sir Barret Dunbar
Sir Alain Gagnon
Sir Ron Slack
Sir Michel Bujold
Sir Douglas Johannson
Sir Christian Lachaussée
Sir Bryce Chandler
Dame Vanessa Meikle
Sir Ken Moselle
Sir Marc Bisaillon
Dame Melissa MacDonald
Dame Dana Marie Elizabeth Laverick
Dame Sydney Bruzzese
Dame Jackie Botterill
Dame Katie White
Sir Francis Siciliano
Sir Mykal Petersen
Sir Brian Dyck
Sir Mark Friesen
Sir Steven Major
Dame Ann Rivera
Sir Simon Allard
Dame Karine Chaîné
Sir Gabriel Caridade
Sir Michael Whalen
Dame Dawn Leja
Sir Pierre McCabe
Sir Michael Jones
Sir Jayson Campos
Dame Melanie Ducholke
Sir Luke Joyner
Sir Alex Rouleau
Sir Norman Cowan
Sir Marc Bisaillon
Sir Ron Mcclure
Sir Brad Sadoway
Dame Rooth Mac Millan

Sir Daniel Echavarri

Sir Jorge Orrego

Sir Dino Danić
Sir Ivan Grubač
Sir Luka Ivas
Sir Aleksandar Coh

Sir Lars Cortsen
Sir Peter Bason
Sir Ulrich Sorensen
Sir Ditlev Friis
Sir Mikkel Togsverd
Sir Lars Rehn
Sir Bo Falck Hansen
Dame Lene Cortsen
Sir Jacob Pilgaard
Sir Chresten Frederiksen
Dame Katrine Frederiksen
Sir Christian Salling
Sir Flemming Thestrup

Sir Henri Lindberg

Sir Antti Ruuska
Sir Jarno Lämsä
Sir Markus Forsström
Sir Jere Keskiaho
Sir Corey Kantola
Dame Terhi Ranta-Ojala
Sir Ville Kärpijoki
Sir Janne Pirttilahti
Sir Tommi Elomaa
Sir Timo Lappi
Sir Ossi Saarinen
Sir Aapo Timonen
Sir Simo Ronkainen
Sir Patrik Tötterman

Dame Anne Farawila
Dame Muriel O’Neill
Sir Francois Guguen
Dame Johanna Ficatier
Dame Clara Herer
Dame Lucie Beteille
Dame Marguerite Muhlhaus
Sir Benjamin Kieffer

Dame Alissa Schubert
Dame Antje Schubert
Sir Torsten Schubert
Sir Veiko Schultz
Sir Stephan Sommer
Sir Stephan Geissler
Sir Ralf Mielke
Sir Ingo Parton
Sir Michael Jungbauer
Sir Oliver Pix
Sir Marco Imo
Sir Thilo Diesterweg
Sir Nicolai Schroer
Sir Jürgen Dolderer
Sir Dennis Kamprad
Sir Patrick Schlag
Sir Joe Schroeder
Sir Holger Spiegel
Sir Manuel Lück
Sir Mirko Schmidt
Sir Lars Jung
Sir Jan Schmidt
Sir Sebastian Fink
Dame Isi Schneider
Sir Thomas Fränzel
Sir Thomas Fox
Sir Marco Seidel
Sir Ingo Paschke
Sir Armin Harttig
Sir Philipp Kohlrausch
Sir Roland Philipp
Sir Tobias Paesch
Sir Michael Meichelbeck
Sir Markus Vortkamp
Sir Thomas Schwärzl
Sir Florian Dorschel
Dame Anna Kleemann
Sir Julius Grunow
Sir Patrik Simon
Sir Marco Kunz
Dame Kerstin Großmann
Sir Holger Ihle
Sir Heiko Gall
Sir Florian Westerheide
Sir Detlef Lüer
Sir Richard Meyer
Sir Pierre Weikamp
Sir Christian Probst

Sir Samuel Gbafa

Sir Renzo Castro

Sir Andrew Tortoishell
Sir Chucky Chu
Sir Ernest Tse

Dame Johanna Schubert
Sir Ferenc Szendi
Sir Attila Csordas
Sir David Gyorko
Sir Pal Farkas

Sir Árni Einarsson
Sir Peter Dalmay

Sir Arghya Saha

Sir David Corry
Sir Mark Lyons
Dame Anne Keohane
Sir Tomas Mulqueen
Sir Rob Horgan
Sir Derek Barrett
Sir Patrick Little
Sir Danny Lane
Dame Lorraine Ryan
Sir Peter Carroll
Sir Jonathan Noonan
Dame Gill Edmondson
Sir Graham Yates
Sir Stephen Donnelly
Sir Mark Forrester
Sir Rob Smyth
Sir Sean Teevan
Sir William Byrne
Sir Jonathan Kiely
Sir Kevin Derrig
Sir David FitzGerald
Sir Jonathan Butler
Sir Thomas Cooney

Sir Nir Aran
Sir Yotam Tavor
Sir Ronen Vadim Trainin
Dame Mor Gilad

Sir Alessandro Rossi
Sir Sandro Pellicci
Sir Giorgio Bendoni
Sir Gianluca Catignani
Sir Pietro Senoner
Sir Matteo Belletti
Sir Marco Merati

Sir Norio Takamoto
Sir Seitaro Hirano

Sir Elie Daher
Sir Marwan Hert

Sir Thomas Mathis

Sir Viktoras Urbanavicius
Dame Rimantė Čaplinskaitė
Sir Andrius Spietinis

Sir David Low
Sir Fairus Hariri

Dame Lorena Hernandez Silva
Sir Juan Carlos George Diaz
Dame Marinne Herrera
Sir Ricardo Castanon
Sir Enrique Perez Ramirez
Sir Carlos Perez-Salazar
Sir Luis Arandia
Sir Juan Carlos Tostado
Sir Higinio Silva Cabrera
Sir Gerardo Espinosa
Dame Irina Vargas Velázquez

Sir Russell Mawson

Sir Bhoj Rai

Sir Robert Rijnders
Sir Rob de Bruijn
Sir Neils Laurijsen
Sir Rob Joosten
Sir Ben Ritman
Sir Aad van den Boogaart
Dame Inge Jansen
Sir Arno Mijsberg
Sir Peter Vriesman
Sir Eerke Berger
Sir Niels van Ooijen
Sir Reint Jonker
Sir Maarten Stigter
Sir Marc Nuijten
Sir Job Stigter
Sir Dirk Wiersma
Sir Menno Bakkers
Sir Arthur Bethlehem
Sir Auke Jongbloed
Sir Bas van Boven
Sir Paul Brussee

Sir Chris Hooper
Sir Andrew McLeod
Sir Scott Gilbert
Sir Bill Oram
Sir Thomas Guldborg
Sir Michael Holloway
Sir Andrew Finnigan
Sir Hedley Wilton
Dame Emma Finau
Sir Edmund Barton
Dame Lisa Dowson
Sir Ian Huckstepp
Sir Mike James
Sir Victor Charles
Sir Tony Stallinger
Dame Isobel Gibson
Sir Jacky Lee

Sir Peter Blair
Sir Callum Stewart

Sir Bjørn Egil Djuphagen Svela
Sir Tom Ove Kaland
Sir Tommy Eriksen
Sir Erik Nordlie
Sir Erik Larsen
Sir Jens Peter Elton Gransaether
Sir Roger Nodeland
Dame Sigrun Gea Sørlie Selvik
Dame Joyce Sisilie Nordgård
Dame Kaya Emilie Berge
Dame Marie Vermundsberget Skribeland
Sir Øyvind Svare Odde
Sir Per-Ivar Stokkmo
Sir Thomas Flaktveit
Sir Ole Morten Haslie
Sir Kjell Petter Bøgwald
Sir Atle Høgberg
Sir Tore Johan Olaussen
Sir Frode Andersen
Sir Steinar Konradsen
Sir David Hygen

Sir Jose Martin Punzalan
Sir Charles Vincent Custodio
Dame Melly Ng
Sir Jose Arturo Arlin Virata
Sir Franz-Anton Lim
Dame Irene Ong

Sir Przemysław Kozłowski
Sir Bartosz Adam Gonczarek
Sir Michał Jeżewski
Sir Kuba Szerszen
Sir Mariusz Wiersciuk
Sir Wojciech Głąb
Dame Betty Owsiak-Kochanowski

Sir Paulo Serra

Dame Ramona Ionita

Sir Dmitry Blazhko

Dame Annette Irvine
Sir Richard Hogg
Sir Kieran Smith
Sir David Armitt
Sir Stuart Irvine
Sir Dave Evans TKC
Sir Scott Ramsay
Sir Roddy Wardrop
Sir Robert Clark

Sir Kenderick CK Lin
Sir Sebastian Lee

Sir Matej Janecek

Sir David Smerdel

Sir Paul Meiring
Sir Chris Van der Walt
Sir Vivien Willemse
Sir Michael Jones
Sir Colin Carrall-Wilcocks
Sir Robert Whitehead
Sir Wilhelm van der Vyver
Sir Christiaan Jansen
Sir Gareth Jones
Sir Luke Ramsey
Sir Dewald du Plessis
Sir Dan van Hemert
Dame Linda van Hemert

Sir Hunmin Yi
Sir Jongil Park

Sir Richard Garcia
Sir Felipe Moreno Landete
Sir Tomás Burgaleta
Sir Rubén Aparicio

Dame Carla Schubiger
Sir Andreas Ritter
Sir Rupert Harold
Sir Joël Hutter
Sir Dominik Issler
Sir Patrick Niklaus
Sir Christian Jaeggin
Sir Bernhard P. Rinderknecht
Sir Christophe Lannez
Dame Uschi Bobst
Sir Peter Hoelzel
Dame Camille Arnet

Dames Katrin Mörtel
Camilla Dahlström
Helena Svensson
Sirs Pär Johansson
Kristoffer Nielssen
Sir Jonas Evaldsson
Sir Anders Kvarnlöf
Sir Peter Gustafsson
Sir Olof Solberg
Sir Marcus Jonsson
Dame Ida Svensson
Sir Mike Billett
Dame Susann Sandmark
Sir Dan Sandmark
Sir Ulrik Thelin
Sir Jürgen Kerstna
Sir Henrik Berlin
Sir Thomas Lambing
Sir Alexander Lindqvist
Sir Jonas Fast
Sir Måns Dahlstedt
Sir Fredrik Engström Ellborg
Sir Henrik Holmén
Sir Peter Lundgren
Sir Mattias Griot

Sir Jason Kotecha
Sir Lloyd Thomas

Sir Conehead (Darren Roberts)
Dame Liz Johns
Sir Jibby
Sir David Triska
Dame Jayne Mitchell
Sir Ben McCarthy
Sir William Wright
Sir John Parkin
Sir Nigel Brockton
Sir Neil Pedoe
Sir Michael Cox
Sir Simon J. Rhodes
Sir Thomas James McGlashan
Sir Bohdan Daywd
Sir Michael Porter
Sir Chris Cashell
Sir Edd Charlton-Weedy
Sir Daniel Carr
Sir Ian Dickens
Sir Gordon Markus
Sir John Wood
Dame Kim Ingleby
Sir Mark Wilson
Sir Andy Sexton
25. Sir Arran McKee
Sir Ciaran Stuart
Sir Ben Dooley
Sir Jeff Curry
Sir Mark Vaudrey
Sir Steven Bloomer
Sir Michael Sinton
Sir Michael Domokos
Sir Steve Malone
Sir Justin Walters
Sir Jamie Jenkins
Sir Matt Simmons
Dame Jessica Gray
Sir Scott Gibb
Sir Nichiless Dey
Sir Ben Boughton-White
Sir Alan Hammond
Dame Claire Duncan
Sir Matthew Clarke
Sir Vic Johnston
Sir Justin Stevenson
Sir Matt Hurst
Sir Andy Martin
Sir Stephen Gallagher
Sir Rob Cascone
Sir Rob Harlow
Sir Chris Elias
Sir Mark Middleton
Sir Jez Pigden
Sir David Shannon
Sir Lee Sutton
Sir Jonathan Gibbard
Dame Sarah Thomas-West
Sir Grahame McKenzie
Sir Andy Dobinson
Sir Chris Hinds
Sir Gavin Dempster
Sir Adam Marshall
Sir Lee Stockman
Dame Helene Williamson
Sir Chris Oliver
Sir James Tyson
Sir Chris Hitchings
Sir Joe Mellor
Sir Gavin Gall
Sir Lee O’Sullivan
Sir Paul Bowman
Sir Philip Huntsman
Sir Stephen Irvine
Sir Kevin Whyte
Sir Gavin Bridge
Sir Kevin Whyte
Sir Martyn Riesner
Sir Simon Hunter
Sir Tim Draycott
Sir Mark Edlington-Booth
Sir Iain Hackett
Sir Gary Goacher
Dame Jan Mackenzie
Sir Steve Drayton
Sir Bruce Darton
Sir Matt Woodeson
Sir Mark Ellam
Sir Mark Gallagher
Dame Sharon Miller
Dame Fay Jordan
Sir Phil Llewellyn
Sir Iain Duncan
Sir Paul Stockell
Sir Donnie Inglis
Sir Jason Stephenson
Sir Dave Tittle
Sir Richard Rogers
Sir Thomas Bradbury
Sir David Williams
Sir Nicholas Mills
Sir David Stopher
Sir Dan Smith
Dame Michaela Wadforth
Sir Mark Wadforth
Sir Luke Nash
Sir John Smillie
Sir Ian Slack
Sir Dean Stonestreet
Dame Karen Moorhouse
Dame Gillian Robertson
Sir Stuart Weatherley
Sir Nic Clarke
Sir Rab Livingstone
Sir Adam Diver
Sir Gareth Prest-Hutchinson
Sir Kieran Rawley
Sir Simon Greer
Dame Nicola Boocock
Sir Stuart McIntosh
Sir David Milburn
Sir Stewart Briggs
Sir Tom Huynh
Sir Russell Hughes
Dame Lesley Musgrove
Sir Mark Stuart
Dame Fiona Innes
Sir Paul Hills
Sir Matthew Loh
Dame Hannah Turner
Dame Michelle Dand
Dame Katie Hammant
Sir Alex Ball
Dame Nicky Broadwell
Dame Louise Giles
Sir Richard Scrimgeour
Sir Mark Penny
Dame Kirsty Beavis
Sir Alex Watson
Sir Dave Fereday
Sir Wayne Golden
Dame Charlotte Pinder
Sir Clive Wiesbauer
Sir Graeme Hastie
Sir Dean Thomas
Dame Carolyn Davies-Moore
Sir Iain Davies-Moore
Dame Louise Kennedy
Sir Daniel Siddle
Dame Zoe Hughes-Hubbold
Sir David Blackburn
Sir Chris Hopkinson
Sir Dave Galbraith
Sir Sean Monaghan
Sir James Donaldson
Sir Jack Drew
Dame Claire McNicol
Sir Andrew John Hussey
Sir Stephen Stewart
Sir Mark Day
Dame Anne-Marie Gill
Sir Spike Cope
Sir Paul Waters
Sir Ross Gunning
Sir James Hartley
Sir Luke Wilson
Sir Michael O’Grady
Sir Jamie Boardman
Sir Chris Gallagher
Sir Michael McGoldrick
Sir Anthony Moore
Sir Chris Powell
Sir Steve Walsh
Sir Mick Devereux
Sir Andrew Southby
Sir Dave Jackson
Sir Jim Harbidge
Sir Steve Moore
Sir Jeremy Cooper
Sir David Willgress
Sir Symon Tomlinson
Sir Jeremy Charles Hay
Sir Jonathan Pain
Sir Darren Smith
Sir Paul Beard
Sir Dale Payne
Sir Al Robinson
Sir Gary Wilson-Poe
Dame Tahira Khwaja
Dame Nina Hopton
Dame Nathalie Bramley
Dame Kate Baker
Dame Sam Rosenberg
Sir Alex Wilson
Dame Elissa Bilton
Sir Nigel Ziff
Sir Simon Waller
Dame Sam Taylor
Dame Katrina Webb
Sir Andrew Jones
Sir Robert Smailes
Sir Lloyd Curling
Sir Aled Thomas
Sir Ben Keenan
Sir David Cann
Dame Laura Winter
Sir Simon Ferris
Sir Graeme Starkey
Dame Shiona Falconer
Sir Simon Jackson
Dame Caroline Cassels
Dame Erika Mitchell
Sir Andrew Cassels
Sir Alex Hunter
Dame Dawn Green
Sir Alan Green
Sir Garry Park
Dame Sarah Guibout
Sir Stewart Snape
Dame Robin McGlade
Dame Jo Ganley
Sir David Gakhar
Sir Terrence Hersant
Dame Andrea Moyses
Sir Antonio Marcantuono
Sir Michael Sanford
Dame Anna Wells
Sir Gary Wilson
Sir Vernon Loo
Dame Linda Mikula
Dame Christine Groves
Sir Tony Byrne
Sir Adam Dauer
Sir Paul Greer
Dame Clare Formosa
Sir Tim Parker
Sir Alex Campbell
Dame Sarah Farnhill
Sir Thomas Feather
Sir Stuart Bell
Sir Matthew John Marsh
Sir Stephen Mullins
Sir Dean Bedford
Dame Amy Roberts
Dame Sarah Dam
Dame Victoria Collins
Sir Paul Underwood
Dame Maggie Dawkins
Sir Chris Haylett
Sir Chris Cursley
Dame Gemma Chittenden
Sir Ian Edmunds
Sir Daniel Simpson
Sir Matthew Stevens
Sir James Hayward
Sir Neil Matthews
Sir Martin Bennett
Sir John Winchester
Sir Mike Hornby
Dame Tracey Haywood
Sir Willian Rivenberg
Sir Steve Lindsay
Siri Gavin Watts
Dame Suzy Howick
Dame Angela Peckham
Sir Pete Harris
Dame Yvonne McCall
Sir Stuart King
Sir Gary Bishop
Sir Tony Carter
Sir Roy Nichols
Sir Oliver Pilter
Dame Yvonne Bell
Sir Jan Bugaj
Dame Hamdah Omar
Sir Paul Bird
Sir Colin Knowles-Spittle
Sir Fran Hayes
Sir John Easden
Sir Jim Macleerie
Dame Sarah Staples
Dame Leah Rowe
Dame Kay Green
Dame Michele Hewett
Dame Jane Parsons
Dame Harriet Wiles
Dame Liz Green
Sir Simon Morphy
Sir Darren Mathews
Sir Steve Gowers
Dame Joanne Coleman
Sir Peter Scannell
Dame Angela Scott Stephen
Sir Kevin Bruce Milne
Sir Frank William Watson
Dame Hannah Sainsbury
Sir Robert Stephen
Sir Mark Jubb
Sir Austen Bodie
Sir Neil Duffy
Sir Karle Howard
Sir Stuart Brown
Sir Mark West
Dame Chloe Stephens
Sir Chris Miles
Dame Andrea Wade
Sir Alisdair Hunter
Dame Donna Ellis
Sir Rob Clare
Dame Jane Fleming
Dame Charley Grainger
Dame Bernice Humphries
Sir Mark McDonnell
Dame Jessica Woolley
Sir Alan Stitt
Sir Peter Thompson
Dame Cara McEwan
Sir Paul Rainey
Sir Chris Burns
Dame Zoe Roberts
Sir Gareth McKeown
Sir Barry Kirwan
Sir Graeme Gourley
Sir Alan Todd
Dame Nicola Murphy
Sir Jim Clasper
Sir Harmon McBride
Dame Ruth Calvert
Dame Mandy Irvine
Sir Stuart McGilton
Sir Victor Baxtor
Dame Lorraine English
Dame Andi Anderson
Sir Gareth McBride
Sir James Powell
Sir Andrew Gurney
Sir Nigel Yates
Sir Tim Ashbolt
Sir Gary Pepper
Sir Andrew Lockwood
Sir Chris Houghton
Dame Alison Durham
Sir Karl Durham
Dame Fiona Monro
Sir Michael Davenport
Sir Grant Ringshaw
Sir Luke Bailey
Sir David Hancock
Dame Emily Garrett
Sir Michael Fletcher
Sir Harry Schofield
Sir Alex Roberts
Sir Dominic Gibbon
Dame Emma Atkinson
Sir Gary Ellerby
Sir Jack Roberts
Sir Jon Warren
Sir Matt Laffan
Sir Paul Hilliar
Sir Philip Ibbs
Sir Elis Gomer
Sir Paul Shanley
Sir James Leavesley
Dame Lorna Rowland
Sir Alex McCullough
Sir Andrew Woods
Sir Lee Wallace
Dame Neelam Bagga
Sir Nick Platt
Dame Pauline Nelson
Sir Richard Newton
Dame Jenny Bashford
Dame Zoe Mead
Sir Stephen Kane
Sir Murray Cox
Dame Becks Armstrong
Dame Cath Erine Amos
Sir Dominic Cox
Sir Nik Hall
Sir Rich Baker
Sir Paul Stefan
Sir Adam Ratcliffe
Sir Andrew Gudgeon
Sir Stephen Ballard
Sir Michael Thompson
Dame Eleanor Mather
Dame Helen Farrow
Sir Daren Sherriff
Sir Steve Coulson
Sir Gavin Targonski
Dame Sareybabes
Sir Andrew Smith
Sir Brian McCarthy
Sir Jeremy Brown
Sir Richard Walklate
Sir Andrew Walker
Dame Lepha McCartan
Sir Dominic Barron
Dame Jacqui Stone
Sir Darren Talbot
Sir Mick Watson
Sir Alex Hawkes
Sir Chris Apperley
Sir Matt Boulton
Sir David Mather
Sir Jamie Ganderton
Dame Lisa Tee
Sir Ross Fisher
Sir Ben Acty
Sir Anthony “Tugs” Tugwell
Sir Adam Williams
Dame Clare Snowdon
Sir Martin Walker
Sir Philip Hawkins
Sir Matthew Polaine
Sir Simon Beswick
Sir Antony Smith
Sir Andrew Fitton
Sir David Hart
Sir Lee Springett
Sir Tim Ansell
Sir Dave Smith
Sir Peter Leatherbarrow
Sir Phil Keymer
Sir Rob Sanders
Sir Dean McNamara
Sir Steve Heath
Dame Nichola Rennet
Dame Melanie Wasley
Sir Matthew Jones
Sir Martin Westall
Dame Trish Shaw
Sir Paul Harrison
Sir Jon Burch
Sir Somhairle MacCormick
Sir Dominic Joscelyne
Sir Paul Stocks
Sir Stephen Walton
Sir Andy Mott
Sir Keith Isaksson
Sir Mark Doyle
Sir Gideon Ransley
Sir Colin Scott
Sir Mark Botham
Sir Alun Ward
Dame Kirsten Watson
Dame Tracy Makin
Sir Nick Fluck
Dame Nicola Paver
Dame Laura Simmonds
Sir Greg Allen
Sir David King
Sir Jon Madeley
Dame Rachel Eason
Sir Steve Hawkins
Sir Pete Scoble
Sir Martin Duff
Sir Steve McCrum
Dame Pippa Rothwell
Sir Joe Rosser
Sir Dan Fleming
Dame Nicole Hope
Dame Helen Yarnold
Sir Paul McHaig
Sir Steve Yarnold
Dame Kathy Haig
Sir Richard Jackson
Sir Darren Anderson
Sir Bleddyn Williams
Sir Tony Ward
Sir Simon Holford
Sir Ben Gibson
Sir Mike Kay
Sir Alex Cook
Sir Mike Wood
Dame Rachel Davies-Foote
Sir Grant Paul-Florence
Sir Paul Morgan
Sir Jason Hinsley
Sir Gordon Richmond
Sir Adam Cleevely
Sir Martin Reed
Sir Lee Woodcock
Sir Jamie Anchor
Sir Chris Penfold
Sir Kevin Fletcher
Sir Stacky Nursey
Sir Peter Ewart
Sir Martin Neill
Sir David Watson
Sir Gareth Cobb
Sir Martin O’Sullivan
Sir Steve Summers
Sir Guy Stapleford
Sir Liam Corrigan
Sir Barrington Drew
Sir Tom Summerscales
Sir Richard Street
Sir Michael Cotty
Sir Bryan Jones
Sir Ben Sweet
Dame Diane Kendall
Sir Geoff Tompkins
Sir Calum Arthur
Sir Jon Telfer
Sir Alex Higgins
Dame Carla Higgins
Sir Matthew Le Core
Sir Craig Harris
Dame Alechia van Wyk
Sir Chris Pugh
Sir Richard Lindley
Dame Liv Fitz-Poole
Sir David Atkinson
Sir Mike Sinden
Sir Richard Knox
Sir Dan Corrick
Sir James Pugh
Sir Reuben Hollebon
Dame Lisa Briscoe
Sir Matthew Nyampingidza
Sir Ben O’Brien
Sir Daron Hamilton
Sir Colin Eustace
Sir Iain Bowes
Dame Megan Walsh
Sir Christopher Ashford
Sir Jeff Stott
Sir David Whatley
Sir Alan Craft
Sir Chris Carter
Sir Mike Wareham
Dame Abby Wilson
Sir Simon Wareing
Sir Paul Thatcher
Sir Fin Slevin
Sir Peter Dickinson
Dame Carol O’Connor
Sir Martin Critchlow
Sir Gavin Bennett
Sir Graeme Sharrocks
Sir Jon Brittan
Sir Mark Dayer
Sir Paul Cockshott
Sir Jack Dayer
Sir Al Rowe
Dame Amanda Hawkes
Sir Tim Watson
Dame Mary-Louise Paul Florence
Sir Rob Hepburn
Dame Helen Oldridge
Dame Gemma Shadbolt
Dame Teresa White
Dame Liz Williams
Dame Christine Briggs
Sir Matt Stone
Dame Claire Duncan
Dame Gail Purves
Sir Barry Purves
Sir Giles Sergant
Sir James Bancroft
Sir Austen Smith
Sir Simon Holloway

Sir Ken Moselle
Sir Steve Taylor
Dame Mariah P. LeBlanc
Sir Dave Ruff
Dame Sue Fahey
Sir Dan Greenwald
Sir Anthony Lee
Dame Pamela McCormick
Sir Frank Mallott III
Kevin Rozema
Kevin Neumann
Sir John Metz
Sir Brian VanZweden
Sir Mike Clark
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Sir Ray Brothers
Sir David Juarez
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Sir Nicholas Dickson
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Sir Ray McGillis
Sir Alex Ellermann
Sir Kelly Jones
Sir Dave Fowler
Dame Maria Mota
Dame Meago Oscar
Sir Robin Oscar
Sir Travis Pollock

Sir Santiago Zarate


Dylan there seems to be one new addition to the qualifying videos, that being Norway. Are you referring to the Tour of Norway, and if so, Tour of Norway 1 or 2?

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That’s an error you caught there. Dang minions. Norway is NOT an eligible vid any more :slight_smile:

No problem. Nothing a right thorough flogging won’t fix!

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I’m still not on the list :unamused:

Bit disappointing only 3 other Belgians are on the list, there should be a lot more (since Flanders is home of bike racing :wink: )

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Have they sent you a confirmation e-mail, yet?

Yep, even got the stickers the mention after my username and the app greats me with sir as well.


How long did it take to get your reply and your decals? Figures my attempt and my anniversary attempts will all be right before a major US holiday. :man_facepalming:

Great work Sir,
Is the plan to get this on a dedicated web page?
Edit, I meant the list of Knights, not the instructions / rules. They already have a page& blog post

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Sir Tim, you’ll just need to do it again. In protest.

Sir Stephen, we’re told the plan is to move the Honour Roll to its own page and it will be glorious (of course). I’m just not sure why it’s taken so long.

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Hopefully it’s because they’re working on getting our ride history restored. I was almost a history major, once. But that’s history, now. :wink:

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No. NOW, it’s history.

Did I miss Scotland gaining independence from the UK?

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About 2 weeks to get the stickers, bit less for the official ‘Bestowment’ (digital certificate)

@Glen.Coutts I don’t think I will ever do it again :smiley:


Queue FREEDOM gifs.

lol, I think that comment comes up every time. :grin:


Not a gif, but still…

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That’s too bad. I’m already planning my third. :grin:

Going to have all those decals lined up on my top tube like all the enemies I’ve shot down. Just 3 more and I’ll be an ace. :wink:


So, if I did a Knighthood, could I be the first English Knight? That would be way too tempting.

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Yes. Now do it.

I have no authority to make this happen.

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BTW before anyone says anything I am hugely aware this would be on a technicality. But I’d love to know if it would actually be a thing.