Sufferlandrian Knighthood and the current Honor Roll

Who does one contact to get added as KoS in the US so it would appear on your list?

I completed at least 2 KoS badges in The Sufferlandria events.

My Best,

Rodney Dangerfield (just Kidding… Bob Petersen)

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Word on the streets of Agonia is that Sir @Cody.Moore may be able to help you Sir.

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Hi! I completed my Knighthood in June 2020, before the changeover to Wahoo. The kit order site is asking me to submit a code. Any idea where I could find that? Can I just screenshot my Dame name from this list? I have all the files on my Garmin Connect account to prove my pain and suffering. Thanks in advance for any suggestions, my fellow Knights.


Hey Dame Dina @smartchickdina, the code for the kit should have been in an email that would have been sent to you upon successful completion. If you don’t still have it, perhaps you can reach out to Sir @Cody.Moore :slight_smile: You should also have been admitted to the very exclusive Knight’s page on the forums and on FB.

Edit: also, welcome to the forums!


Thank you, Sir Glen. I will email Sir Cody. It was almost two years ago, and I’m sure things evolved with the transition. I will totally rock the jersey in my travels this year, and many years to come!


Yah you will!!

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It’s like having a secret handshake, when you recognize a fellow Knight and ask, “Did you suffer today?”.


:heart:. I am fortunate to have a few local Knights, a couple of whom I ride with regularly (during the 6 months when outdoor riding doesn’t require a fat bike or electric boots and mittens)


Awesome! If/when I get to the Manitoba area, I’ll look you up, and we’ll cruise around town in coordinated kit.


If only I could have one!! :uk: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::uk: :mailbox_with_mail:


Hey Dame @Teresa_Dray , I believe the shop is now open to UK based Sufferlandrians.


@Teresa_Dray Otherwise, you are more than welcome to have it shipped to the Philadelphia area and we will ride together in all our Honour, Glory, and Victory.

Update: I got my secret squirrel code and ordered my jersey. In six to eight weeks, just in time for outdoor riding, I’ll be rocking the red, white, and black!


Hi Sir Dylan,

I completed the tour of Sufferlandria in one day years ago and have the badge in my SYSTM badge list. I am not in the US list. Please add “Bob Petersen”, to this list.

Feel free to check my record, the day was January 24, 2019, I just looked it up.

The Wretched
Hell Hath No Fury
Thin Air
The Hunted
Power Station

Thank you,

Bob Petersen


It’s possible that this doesn’t count as a Knighthood. Which Tour did you complete?

Tours often include mashups or even other videos that are not included on the Knighthood list (The Way Out is one).

I know I finished the knight hood challenge as it was 10 back to back in one day. I had to plan food/water/rest breaks to be under 10 minutes. I also had it verified and have the knighthood badge.

I looked it up in my record it is January 24, 2019.

Right. You wrote earlier about completing the Tour but this is different.

If you’ve got the Knighthood badge then you should obviously be on the list. I hope the minions can sort it out for you.

You should be hitting up Sir @Cody.Moore for this. He usually takes care of all things Knighthood.


Sorry for delay. Covid got me :microbe:
Please can you tell me the process to try and order? Or at least check it out before I get too excited!

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Oh man. I hope you’re better!

You need to create an account (separate from your SUF/wahoo/SYSTM account).

You can do that here, just look for the login/register/create account link in the menu:

@Glen.Coutts I’m not better yet :frowning:
I can’t find an email with a code from when I completed my KOS April 2021.