Sycing Results

When I finish a workout, are the results queued for transmission?

For example, if I am doing a workout, and before I finish, the Internet connection is lost, or the transmission times out, will the results be ultimately transmitted? If so, could there be more than one workout in the queue?

In my experience, yes and yes.

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They could be queued. If they seem to be having trouble uploading even once you have an internet connection, try adding a note to the workout in your passport and then selecting the share icon again. That should force things though.


Thank you.

I could imagine someone in the midst of their Knight’s quest and loosing an Internet connection, or even power. One of the nice things about a Tacx trainer is that they work even when they are not plugged in.

Yeah, your workouts will still upload if that happened. Sometimes, we just have to help them a bit if they don’t show up.