Systm not connecting ERG mode with Saris H2

Hi, i just broke out the indoor trainer, after about 8 months of non-use
using latest version of Mac OS, and H2 firmware is up to date. Systm 7.69.0
never had an issue in the past, but now, no matter what i do Systm doesn’t set the trainer to ERG
connected through ANT+ as in the past
trainer is the same distance from the ANT+ plug-in
i’ve even reinstalled the Saris firmware, and have done a couple spin-down calibrations with the Saris app, as i have always done in the past.
i’ve tried different USB ports in the computer

well, the problem revealed itself.
apparently when you close an app in iphone, you don’t really close out of the resources the app is using right away.
and i had forgotten that H2 only connects to my computer through bluetooth