Systm training outdoor version indoor use

Hello, How can the outdoor training variant also be used indoors?
The indoor version of the “Tour of Norway 2” training session is too restless for me, how can you also ride the outdoor version on the Smarth trainer?

Have you tried just selecting “outdoor”, then starting up the workout on your indoor trainer per usual?

Don’t know for sure, as I’ve not specifically tried this, but it seems like the platform is “choice-neutral”. I selected an outdoor workout, then just started it and my Kickr went through all the same motions pairing with my sensors and waiting for me to start the effort.

That won’t work Sir @CPT_A.

To do the outdoor version on your indoor trainer you’d need to use your ELEMNT computer to control the trainer. You could do that while passively “watching” the video for the indoor version and you could turn off ALL the metrics so you dont get confused by the changing targets.

Edit: some of the outdoor workouts are very similar to the indoor ones but these ones are very different and are more like Blender.

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Hey @NeoRC
Just do The Best Way is Blended


Yeah I see now. I just queued up a couple vids, selected “outdoor”, and they loaded and played just fine.

Didn’t notice initially that it defaulted back to the “indoor” version, as the initial spin-ups were very similar.