Technical Hitches


I was just in the middle of a long workout and had to hop off for a call of nature. When I got back on the app had lost all connection to my trainer, and no matter what I tried I just couldn’t get it back again.

No worries for the workout, I just saved it and started again from where I got to, but it got me thinking…what happens if that - or indeed any mechanical - occurs on a Tour stage? Will GvA be following in the team car? Will the minions be able to stitch the two save files together? or do you have to do it again?

Shouldn’t need to stitch anything together, the tracker will generally pick that kind of thing up.

First thing to do will be to check the tracker page (should be launched soon). If the stage is not marked as complete just ping

Main thing is don’t stress about it and let it ruin your stage. Just get it done and it can be fixed later :slight_smile:


The tracker page is already up here The Sufferfest. Log in and then “join” the event to see your progress.


I clearly need to get my head properly into ToS mode :slight_smile: