The First Big Race on WahooRGT .. Results, stream, standings, report

West London VR Race 5.2 on the new Wahoo RGT platform saw a thriller with 88 finishers and changes at the top of both the men’s and Ladies standings … full details here:


West.London Welcome! The West London Cycling website is awesome, enthusiasm for all things cycling overflows from the webpage!!

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Thanks Rick
We are quite excited to be involved with Wahoo (I have a lot of Wahoo kit personally) and West London VR is one of the longest running races on RGT with large sign ups for each race, which take place on alternate Wednesdays at 7.30pm UK Time. They are streamed on ZMS too with commentary.
We look forward to seeing some new riders and personally I am looking forward to using some of the features from Systm.


Hi @West.London,

I took part in my first RGT ride last night and it was pretty cool, thank you for organising.
Having found the stream of last nights race I noticed that it had some nice looking trees and landscapes. When I was riding I had nothing but a blue vast sea of nothingness. Was there something I was missing or needed to download to get the full experience?

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Hi Adam,

The blueness is because you are running on a device that is below recommended spec. Usually it’s limited as the available RAM is below 2.5gb, so RGT removes the detail so you can still ride, but without the fancy bits. Is it a PC you are on?

Yes, if the RAM on your PC is low the scenerary automatically gets stripped out to enable better functionality.

AppleTV. The PC got turned off when the Swift membership was cancelled. For the last year I have kept the indoor sessions as TrainerRoad on a iOS device and AppleTV providing the entertainment.
Was hoping that the SYSTM/RGT partnership might bring some variety and interesting angles without all the pain points I had with other online worlds :wink:

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Thank you for being part of last night’s race Adam.

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Welcome to the (Wahoo) RGT world!

For an Apple TV, it needs to be a 4K model to have enough oomph to handle the graphics. I’ve got a 2017 4K model and it does the job.

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Thanks for the heads up.
Basically what I’m hearing is that whilst the better half is away I swap the 4k AppleTV from the house and replace it with the older non 4k version that got relegated to the garage. Then sit back and see if anyone really notices!


Hi @West.London !

Thanks for organising the race, really enjoyed it even if my results weren’t great :slight_smile:

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Sounds like a plan!

That’s down to your graphics card and device capability. Magic Roads are created server side on the fly. Try setting the graphics to LOW in the app options. I bought myself a cheap gaming laptop with a good card but a lot of users use ATV 4K. Cheap option and you can use a huge monitor with that if you like :slight_smile:

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One week to go to West London VR Race 5.3

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Hi, I’d been thinking about Apple TV for a while anyway, and due to my Mac not coping with RGT, the timing was perfect to get one…:slight_smile:

Once up & going, everything looks fantastic, however the newer Apple TV controllers don’t seem to work very well…?

I have never experienced any older ATV controllers so I don’t have anything to compare to. I haven’t had any problems (other than my own idiocy in that I something accidentally click the ‘menu’ button instead of selecting to exit a menu in RGT and thus put the app in the background!). What issues are you having?

It doesn’t seem to scroll or move properly.

Oh, that’s annoying! You may have a dodgy unit - or maybe I have a fortunately good one.

The controller works perfectly with every other App I have, so I am not sure what the issue is with RGT…?

It might be with reporting to Wahoo RGT and seeing if they have any suggestions. Since it has always worked fine for me I don’t think I can help. Good luck!