The KoS Knight (and Citizen) ride is a banded ride in Zwift at whatever effort you want to make - just keep pedaling! The banding will keep us as a group so we can all come together and celebrate the spirit and suffering of our great Nation.

Going badge-hunting this week (for me anyway!). After climbing the Alpe in April, we’ll be hitting the lesser slopes in Watopia with the Three Sisters loop (48km), taking in all the smaller climbs on offer: the Epic KOM, Volcano KOM, and Zwift KOM.

No fluffy sightings on offer this week, but plenty of lava and real pagné on the shores of the lactic sea!

(No, you don’t have to be a Knight of Sufferlandria to join the ride - all are welcome! And join our Zwift club!)

(Again tinkering w the times this week. Hope you can make it!)

KNIGHT RIDE | Saturday 0900 EDT/1400 GMT
KNIGHT RIDE | Saturday 1200 EDT/1700 GMT
KNIGHT RIDE | Saturday 1800 EDT/2300 GMT


Signed up for the 1800 EDT ride.

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So the 9amEDT is actually 10am? At least that’s what Z is telling me.

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I think I tried for 10, 12, and 6pm EDT this week. Again - trying to accommodate.



lol that’s fine. It just isn’t the time you posted. Just a clerical error it seems. :slight_smile:



Must’ve been a nice day around the world - Sir @emacdoug and I had Watopia to ourselves on the early ride. We shared the work: he pulled me up all the hills and I pulled him down.

:joy: :rofl: :joy:

Executed my strategy to perfection - let him do all the work over the first two hills, then left him on the volcano (well technically HE left) to finish alone. So very alone…

Does it still count as your first-ever KoM if you’re literally the only person on the planet? Asking for a friend.


Unfortunately, I was the only one present at the 3 pm PDT ride. Didn’t want to feel lonely so I bailed on it.