The New App is Coming on the 28th of September

On the Facebook forum someone asked a similar question. Any plans applied to the current app will be carried across. I guess, if there’s new content, you’d want to delete and reapply the same plan with the same end date to refresh it with new content, just like we do now.

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Just cancelled my Zwift subscription. Only liked the races actually, for the normal training I always preferred Sufferfest (but always installing the laptop was a PITA)

Hope the new app wil also be compatible with the Nvidia Shield (using a mouse will be no problem, just put it in the Play store for the Shield so that it auto-updates)

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I’m excited for this release and all the extra content!

Before deleting the old app, we probably should delete all previously downloaded videos as well.

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Will there be an AppleTV app as well?

No plans for an AppleTV app at the moment.


Does Android 9 also cover Android TV 9?

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Music to my ears. My Surface has died and my pain cave with desktop has no space for strength & yoga. Was weighing up ipad options but will see how it goes on the android phone. No more excuses for skipping yoga :slight_smile:


Very excited about this! :grinning:

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stay tuned, I feel it’s gonna be awesome :biking_man::heart_eyes:


I just subscribed for zwift purely for the races! And the ability to meet up with mates from across the globe.

Especially with winter season coming.

The training in sufferfest is so much better!

Well I’m almost starting my indoor season and that means a new full frontal. Hoping for a “we can establish your 4DP with half Monty now”.

But that’s just the couchlandrian in me.

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Really excited for the Android version of the app. I’ve been milking an old laptop as a training laptop to avoid moving my normal laptop back and forth from my desk. I have to move it from my trainer to the room where I do yoga and it’s not fun with a 10 lb laptop.


Will This app work on Apple TV?

Hi, not planned atm, see below:

Well this is good, but…you don’t really expect us to go out and buy new phones and iPads that will run OS14 in order to be able to use the new app, do you?
Oh wait…you do.

This is blooming marvelous news!

I look forward to blowing chunks on my android devices and not my laptop. :smiley:

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I think ios14 is fair, goes pretty far back still. One point you have to move on to improve the product. Its not that minimum requirement would be ios15…


It was introduced a year ago.
I don’t think that counts as “pretty far back”.
My phone is up to date and is running on 12.something.