The wahoo social ride - more time slots

Hi There,
I wondering if in the future we will have more times slot for “The Wahoo social” rides?
I am based in France so I am not able to see any social ride matching my time zone.
If you are in the same case please vote for this post to have more time zone slot.
I hope that in Autumn or Winter we will have more choice (fingers crossed).
See you soon on WRGT.


I’ll mention this to Chris who I think organises some of these. He’s not on this forum.

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I am located in Japan. Some of the slots are at 8:30PM for me. So not too bad. However, if I want my sleeping pattern not to be disturbed too much, 1-1.5h earlier would do it for me.


Thanks Lisa. I appreciate your help

It would be nice to have the main geographic regions of the world:
Europe Middle East & Africa, Asia, Central America and South America, North America, Europe Western and Oceania.
We could have a great community

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Interested in this also as I’d like to ride more. I see that 11:30am GMT us 7:30pm here in Perth, Western Australia. Have I got that right? Not a bad time for a ride.

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Similar to my Japan time!

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