Things you may have missed on RGT in recent months ! :-)

Things you may have missed in recent months ! :slight_smile:

  • The introduction of the URP Universal Rendering Platform = more realistic lighting, better frame rates FPS - especially on lower end devices, URP optimizes the 3D rendering/environment differently based on device/system specs that are being used = The scenery now looks stunning! :slight_smile: This is a key modification that allows users to get a much better visual experience than was previously possible.

  • The introduction of ‘My Magic Roads’ to the RGT Toolbox (Log in using your Wahoo X username and password) ‘My Magic Roads’ is your personal routes library. Now you can edit, delete, or share your Magic Roads, as well as create segments for yourself ! :slight_smile:

  • The addition to the Magic Road Library of a whole new collection of iconic rides from around the world.

  • New layout and options added to the Events Filter when using the Find Event toolbox button.

  • Magic Road “self branding” option is under test with some of the event creators, giving a more professional feel and look without putting pressure on the RGT staff as previously was the case.

  • New layout and options added to the Events Filter when using the Find Event toolbox button.

  • Changes to the drafting dynamics have been added, speeding up how the calculations are made and allowing total rider numbers in events to be increased.

  • Changes have been made so that riders on other laps don’t benefit from drafting as greatly as previously.

  • Pacing bots have long been a part of the RGT community and new additions here have added to the realism of the bots. The real bots, react to attacks and “play” with the riders creating a more dynamic effect.
    None of these features required any updates to the Apps :slight_smile:

  • It may look like there isn’t a great deal changing, but when you look a little closer…

The winter indoor season is approaching in the Northern Hemisphere, and you can bet that Wahoo RGT will have some gems being graded, cut and polished in readiness for that! :slight_smile:

With thanks to @Riley who helped reminded me of some of the things I’ve missed!

PS - I know nothing of the future - but in Wahoo RGT I trust ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks for the update! Living in the Northern Hemisphere, I’m reluctantly readying myself for looooooong indoor season. Looking forward to giving the new and improved RGT a go.


@RGT-FB-Moderator Great summary - I have been impressed with RGT this far and look forward to trying more of the magic roads during the offseason.

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Thanks :slight_smile: I’ve been getting a little (actually a LOT) annoyed at some social media comments suggesting that Wahoo have done nothing for RGT since April :wink: .
Magic roads are a superb feature but very misunderstood by some (“the scenery is boring - they all look the same”). Those that ‘get it’ have a bit more imagination :wink:


@RGT-FB-Moderator. I did a ‘Magic Road’ I created yesterday. Ran RGT on PC and workout on iPad. Worked a treat. I’d uploaded same ride previously and not smoothed it. This time I did the smoothing bit and the difference was impressive. As you say scenery is good AND realistic. Couldn’t figure out though, when I started I was 5kms into the route. At the finish, 40kms showing, route 44kms. Admittedly I didn’t start bang on time so would this be the cause?


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I believe that part of the uploaded gpx is used for the area before the start pen and after the finish line, so in effect the ride gets shortened. This image is from 2021 and I’ll see if I can find out more :slight_smile:

Yeah - there’s an option in GPXmagic to add the correct distance on (real handy if you’re trying to make an exact distance Magic Road, say a 10 mile TT).


THANKS! I uploaded all of my magic roads months ago and must admit that I’m rather rusty on Peter Wards SUPERB GPXmagic (
There will (I think) be some default distances applied to gpx files not edited in GPXmagic :slight_smile:


@RGT-FB-Moderator, @oggie41. Thanks. Before adding bits I’ll do route again and see if it’s same. Can’t recall having any snags when I’ve used Magic Roads before

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I’m FAR from an expert on this :wink: Are you on Facebook? We have an RGT Magic Roads Facebook group where you’ll get LOTS of advice! Most of the RGT event and race creators are on there :slight_smile:

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@RGT-FB-Moderator. (Un)fortunately, no🤫

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