Time left in segment

Hi guys. Is there a way of seeing how much time I have left in a segment? Thanks

Hi Peter,

Welcome to SYSTM.

The remaining time is normally the upper number on the right hand side of the progress bar.

e.g. this from A Very Dark Place:

This is saying 2:56 until then end of this block (i.e. this chunk of yellow including the little blue bit of respite) and 12:50 until the end of the video.

Does that make sense and help?

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Just some additional detail: the length of the segment (to which the top number on the right applies) is the light gray zone on the chart. Sometimes the gray zone covers several power changes, but you can estimate the time to the next change by eye. Note in the picture below that the segment includes both blue and yellow portions. In this case, there’s 1:54 until the end of the light gray portion ahead of the time bar, and estimating by eye, maybe 20 or 30 seconds to the yellow section.

Thank you both. This helps.

It would be great to see actual interval time left, not a block of time that may or may not be relevant.