Timing on FF Results to new Plan

So, I’ve got FF scheduled for New Years Eve. I’m planning on then rolling into the ToS prep plan, starting on Jan 4th. Should I wait to load the plan into my calendar until after I do the FF, or if I load it in now, will it auto-adjust to whatever new numbers the FF provides?

It will auto-adjust. Each workout grabs the latest numbers when you start it, so if you retest part way through, or adjust your numbers, subsequent workouts will use those new numbers without needing to reload the plan.

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Not sure about the ToS plan but most are tailored to your rider profile and weakness and that’s not known/updated until you’ve done FF. Apply it now and it’ll use your current weakness to set the workouts and you’d have to delete and reapply if that changes.


Yes, good point. I hadn’t thought about that aspect of the plan creation.