Tos2021 ff 1/6/21

Having done my FF yesterday as well I have all the experience of doing many FF’s during beta testing and post beta. This gives me a great focus on how to do this test without all the anxiety and negative dread. FF is meant to tell you where your fitness is TODAY not can I beat the old numbers. I now have a good and true set of number to train for TOS2021. The only reason you would think otherwise is if you are unable to complete FF. Happy TOS Plan fun to all.


Sir Gerry, Having had bike disruption for past few months while my mum was terminally ill I resigned to FF being a benchmark of the here and now to make sure sessions were appropriately targeted. All metrics down compared to last time as expected but still higher than Jan 2020 which gives me confidence in knowing I will get the fitness back up now I am back on the sessions

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This is great as now you are ready to suffer like GVA wants you to. My blessings to you and your family as well. See you at the tavern on 2/14 for 7 days of EnterPainMent.