Tour De France - Stages 1 & 20 Time Trial Magic Road Code

If anyone wants to have a go at the Tour De France Stage 1 Time Trial in Copenhagen on Friday I created a magic Road using a gpx file for the route.

The code is UAc2bybEHzMd

Route is not too bad actually, a couple of bits that could have done with a bit of a smoothing but it will do me.

I just created my own event with a few bots but if anyone wants to organise an event then go for it.

If anyone else creates any tour magic rides please post below then we can all have a go😊


Thank you, great idea @jamespaul !

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Thank you for creating this! Really fun to be able to do it after watching it yesterday.


Cool, hope you enjoyed it and showed Lampaert how it should be done😉 It’s a good fun thing to do and I’m glad we can do this on RGT. I’ve also created Stage 20 but have yet to ride and test it (maybe tomorrow).

The code is k8Hq2eLY8nfd

Have fun!


They really need to let us use TT bikes with different aerodynamics (and no drafting), particularly if they are going to keep the 100Km limit so no normal stages can be imported. Other platforms have different bikes. Would make it much more realistic. For example, in the Tacx app you can and even put a specific CdA If you know it (used the the free but you get with the trainer). There you are limited to a 2D satellite view when you import a track though. The BKOOL app can create a 3D route from satellite images, but it’s really picky and they only have road bikes too.


100% agree, that would be great update!

Stage 20 looks awesome. I may have to switch out a ride in favor of this in my Tour de Home. Thanks for sharing.

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The way we produced the event feature means as an organiser you can choose how you create your TT events.
You can have draft on or off and you can choose how many riders to release in each wave and the time gap between each wave…

Check out the image

I hope this helps



Awesome! Thanks!!!

But where is the option to do the most important thing, which is to change bike type?

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