Two Accounts on one iPad - Double Download


first of all, I absolutely love the Sufferfest. I even convinced my wife (a Couchlandrian) to try it out.

She is using it once or twice a week and while she was allowed to try it one time on my account, I don‘t mind paying the monthly fee a second time even for her limited use. I like supporting Sufferfest.

Our problem: We are sharing one iPad with the SUF-App - and log in and out of our accounts. The downloaded videos are somehow locked to the account they were downloaded with, which means we have to download them twice on the same device.
I thought maybe it‘s just an error in showing if the content is downloaded, but it isn‘t. I tried the playback in offline mode without success and it even uses twice the disc space after the second account downloads it as well.

Please, could you look into this and maybe find a solution? In my opinion one download on the device should be enough. It‘s not convenient at all like this. I suspect it has something to do with protecting the content?

Thank you and keep up the good work.

PS: I copied the topic over from the old forum to make sure it doesn’t get lost.


Hey @Pierre, we have this logged as something that we need to fix. I don’t have a timeline on it but we will get it done.


Great to hear. :ok_hand: No rush, as long as it’s on your radar, I am satisfied.

Thank you.