Type 1 Diabetics in the ToS

After a lot of debate in the last month, i decided to give the tour a go.
I have created a team mainly for people with T1D, although anyone can join.

In case someone is wondering why i named it for type 1 and not just “Diabetics”:
Anyone with T1D knows how much we struggle daily, having to measure carbs, fats and protein and calculate insulin for nearly everything we eat.
This is something that, although becomes a habit, eats you from the inside.
So, i decided to dedicate the name to Type 1.

T1D was the reason i started pushing myself harder and harder.

Having registered late, i don’t expect many, or any at all to register under the team.
But if anyone with T1D is still wondering whether he should participate in the tour, hopefully this will help you do so.

Personally, i will start it in nuclear option and i really really want to finish it like that.
Unfortunately, with less than a week left, i cannot gather many donations, but i will try and maybe a couple of friends will help.
Fundraising for a good cause is what pushed me to register for the tour.

May you all suffer gloriously during the tour :wink: