Unable to join my own events…

I’m hoping someone can help me understand if I’m creating RGT events incorrectly….

During the past week, on three separate occasions, I setup a group ride for the following morning - I select a “looping” road, setup a number of loops, defineD the bots, make the event private, and select the time for the following morning. I “show up late” on purpose, as I want the real bots to be distributed on the road. (And there’s no way that the event could be finished unless the boys ride at 200km/h).

When I start RGT, I cannot see my event anywhere in the app. I do still see it on the RGT user web page however.

If create the event and wait for it to start in RGT, then I can usually (though not always!) join the group ride.

Is this normal behaviour?

Thanks in advance…


How late are you turning up?

Events that have started over a certain time period ago are not visible in the app. You can still search for them by event ID (other than on Apple TV as there is a bug).

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5 to 45 minutes late…


Thanks for the info! I am running on AppleTV.
Do you know what the time limit is?


Unfortunately I can’t remember or maybe didn’t ever know. Sorry, my memory isn’t great!

If you want to lobby RGT to fix the search function bug on RGT the go for it. FYi my ticket is number 1539224