Uploading to laptop

Just got myself a new wahoo element bolt. I seen instruction on how to connect to a mobile phone, trouble is because i don’t have mobile phone at the moment how do I upload any rides I just done to the calender and strava?

I don’t think you can. The ELEMNT requires a phone to use many of its features.

ELEMNT Support Page

No offense, but I found AkaPete’s answer surprising. I don’t own a bolt (would happily take one).

Sure enough, like most gadgets, it seems you can plug it straight in by USB and browse the files on it.

That’s good. Thanks for finding that. But I stand by my general answer that without a phone, many ELEMNT featured are unavailable or at least quite inconvenient (like customizing the data you see on each page). Perhaps there’s a hack for that too, but it’s really designed to be used with its phone companion app.

No disagreement from me, and unless someone stole the bolt and the bike, and the tires, oil, chain, clothes, etc, it’s hard to imagine not being able to get ahold of at least some cheap used phone to use on free wifi at a cafe, but sometimes things do get hard or one may be waiting on the mail delivery or whatever.