Upper Body Strength Focus?

Question and clarification (@coach.jinger.g et al): working through a new strength add-on plan for the winter, but I want the strength plan to be heavily upper body focused, as I get plenty of core and lower body elsewhere.


Both of these tracks specifically reference upper body, but which of the two is MORE weighted to upper body?

EDIT: I do realize there is a “targeted” option that specifically addresses upper body, but I don’t want ONLY upper body workouts, if that makes sense…


from my reading the description I’ll give 1 vote to Off-Road Cap’n Sir. There’s also the option of doing both simultaneously :smiling_imp:



Hello @CPT_A,
The two strength plans that you are looking at are quite similar. There will be a bit more upper body in the Multi-Sport edition.
I would NOT recommend doing both. However, if you want to add a bit more upper body into your plan you can add an upper body special focus plan to the mix. This is the ideal scenario for more upper body and core work without over cooking your legs.

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I guess my vote for off-road was based on a misreading of the descriptions then.

As for doing both however, despite what the coach says, that IS still my recommendation; Cap’n Sir :wink: