Vasectomy - When can I suffer again ...?

Hi all,
I was hoping for some honest experience as I am bamboozled with conflicting information from searching online.
I have had the key hole version of the Vasectomy so no stitches etc and want to know when is safe to get back on the bike? Some say when the bruising calms down, 3/4 days, others say be careful as you don’t want to create any internal rupturing and bleeding so wait 4 weeks.
Grateful for any thoughts!


Personally 5 days back on the turbo trainer, 7 days on the road. A little uncomfortable over bumps but not too bad iirc.

I was back on the bike 4 days later, it all depends on the individual and their pain tolerance, saddle and chamois comfort as well.

…it is called "Suffering’! :smile: Take it easy!

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:joy: Good point, straight into that one !
All part of the programme. Actually nice to have a rest.

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I would suggest at least a week off. Better to take off 2 days too many than 2 days too few.

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I had 12 days off. I had a lot of bruising. It was a lot worse than I expected, compared to what I now think was overly optimistic advice and accounts from other sources. But a hard break isn’t so bad. Gives your body a recharge.