Voice chat while listening to music


I think the voice chat is a fantastic feature. Though, I am having problems listening to music at the same time. It seems like the music is at volume 100% and the chat is 20%, anybody else experiencing this?

I am using the Remote app on iphone.

Regards, Kenneth


following as I plan to spend at least a little time on RGT this season.

So do I but not really used RGT much at all YET, as I tend to stick to my training plans and have been reluctant to deviate. I am planning to maybe add one RGT ride in a week on days when I am feeling strong but all this techy stuff makes my head spin and often it seems easier for me to just avoid it altogether. This new chat thingy, is it available on all rides or just selected ones? thanks

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I think it’s available on all. Haven’t quite hunkered down yet. There’s a looooong winter ahead. :cry:

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Can confirm all

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On “rides” the default channel is global. While on races, the default channel is local (40 meter max distance).

So far in my events local chat is under-utilized but when it has been used, it’s been very useful for cooperating in a chase, for example.

So, I tried listening to music while riding in RGT on Saturday on my phone. And my music sounded like it was being played thru an old CB-radio. Or like it was in AM instead of FM.

I couldn’t find any settings in RGT to adjust this.

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