Voice recognition

Now if only after opening the app I could also say “open first workout” and it would open the first workout of the day

Or even “open nine hammers”

Or such like ……

That would set SYSTM above the rest on usability ….


I mean, yes, but I can’t imagine it would be high on the priority list when there are a lot of things that are still in the works to even carry over from the last app, let alone develop.

The problem with a feature like this is that it’s niche. The implementation is different for every platform and completely dependent upon each end-user’s setup also.
I presume you’re using iPhone, Android or iPad. Do desktop users of either flavour definitely have a microphone attached to their PC (laptops likely will have, with home working these days desktops might have a webcam, but it’s less guaranteed), are they happy to have the app access and monitor that?

Again, yeah, I can see it as useful, but it’s a high cost, low return piece of development work (I presume, based upon experience) in a sea of other work, but chuck it on the list… :slight_smile:

It’s never made for my voice/accent/intonation… If I’d shout “Set to Level 1” would result in it dialling my mum…


That’s be such a handy feature! Think of how often you see people complain that they don’t like keyboard shortcuts as that’s not to hand or touch screens not working well mid workout due to sweat etc.

Doesn’t matter if it’s high or low priority, good to capture these kinds of ideas.

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This is how I read the comments:

My Mum’s great, but “no”, I don’t want to call her from my trainer—ever.


This is a classic…