Volume is really low on AppleTV?


Does anyone else have to crank the volume ALL THE WAY UP in order to hear the sound effects of people passing etc?

I use the AppleTV app + airpods. My eardrums get obliterated whenever I forget to lower the volume after a ride and then switch to something like Netflix.

Minimum change request:
Increase base-level volume for the app to be in line with other apps

New feature request:
A sound effects control is prefs could be nice (off, low, med, high), or a slider - whichever is easier to implement :slight_smile:

The sound effects have always been very low volume on all devices and are limited to the cheering of the crowds at the side of the road :slight_smile: You certainly need to turn up the volume to hear them. I’m not sure what the future holds for expanding the sounds, but I GUESS that will be fairly low on the ‘to do list’ at the moment. If you have any suggestions as to what sort of sound you would like to hear during a ride then I’m sure RGT would be happy to listen :slight_smile:
You can send in suggestions using the ‘submit a request’ button here :slight_smile: RGT – Wahoo Fitness Support