Wahoo Steering Device Issue

I’m having an issue with manual steering using the Wahoo steering device and the latest version of the RGT companion app on an iPhone XS Max. Every 3 minutes the device triggers a full swerve to the right. Tilting the steering device to the left returns the small steering indicator dot to the central position from the full right position on the iPhone app indicator, but it is not possible to steer to the left. Pushing the calibration button on the iPhone app fixes the problem for 3 minutes when it repeats itself. This occurs regardless of the steering sensitivity setting or auto collision avoidance setting.

Because it happens pretty regularly at 3 minute intervals I am wondering if the RGT iPhone app recalibrates its level position every 3 minutes, and as I am riding a Tacx Neo 2T which has a quite a bit of left and right tilt, is not calibrating to level?

I wondered if any one else has experienced this or found a fix? If not I will raise a ticket with Wahoo.

I had something like that happen to me about a week ago with my Android phone (whilst running RGT on my Apple TV). I reported it to the Wahoo support team who suggested a few things. Those were not the cause in my case - and probably not yours - so the conclusion was for me to submit a video if it occurs again. I have used RGT once since then and the problem hasn’t recurred.

The fact that it happened every three minutes is interesting, and is worth including in the big report. I wonder if some other app or the underlying OS is doing something every 3 mins. It may be worth reporting the issue to Wahoo - it would at least provide Wahoo more of an idea for the prevalence of the problem.

If you do have a separate device that you could use to take a video then I suggest keeping that with you next time you use RGT in case it happens again.

What device are you using for the screen app? If it isn’t an Apple TV then if you report the issue from within the app during a ride then it will send some logs that might help.

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