Watching not working


Is there a way to just watch the film, i got fifteen minutes into Rohan Dennis attempting an hour record before my network dropped. I’m not planned to do the workout again but I’d loved to see the rest of the show.

Is there an option to just watch or is it a case of launch the workout on the sofa and relax?

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Welcome to the forums @BertieBoy! First, it’s ALWAYS best to download the sessions ahead of time so if there are any connectivity issues you can still get the session in. As for your question, you could just launch the workout and watch the film (you can even turn all the metrics off (in the settings) so you get more of a “full screen” kind of experience.

Now, having said that, I don’t think sofas are allowed in Sufferlandria. In fact, I am pretty sure they’ve been banned. As has “relaxation” #TUHNTF
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